Women’s Attraction Guide

The Process

Optimal efficacy: is achieved only when this guide is followed exactly. This is a formula, not a guideline. Failing to follow all aspects of this guide greatly reduces the likelihood of success.

Our guide to picking up men incorporates the latest scientific research on human attraction, as well as thousands of real-life experiences from attraction experts. Meeting the right man, the right way, is simultaneously an art and a science. Since there is so much at stake, every possible tool should be utilized to increase your chances of success in finding the right man. This website and guide emphasize the synthetic pheromones to gain an added advantage in the competition to attract the right man.

I assume that if you are reading this guide then you are a woman looking for a man . I know that you want to find a strong, independent, masculine partner -- but it’s not easy; doing so in today’s complicated and difficult dating world requires dedication, patience, and a self-assured attitude. These three qualities can be achieved by any woman with enough enough focus and determination. The fourth and final requirement, the key that unlocks the other three, is knowledge. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to dramatically enhance your attractiveness, alter men’s perceptions of your presence, level up your “game”, and achieve the relationship that you deserve.


Personal Requirements:

Dedication: The first requirement is dedication. To become an expert at meeting men, the right men, you’ll have to be totally dedicated to the project. Don’t expect to meet the right guy in one day -- it took me years to study and understand the most basic concepts that I used to meet my husband. Your task can seem even more difficult because instead of going out and searching for the right man, the healthiest strategy is to let the right man come to you. Fortunately, you are able to learn from those who have come before you, but remember that everyone who’s today an expert was once an amateur. When you fail to catch a guy’s attention, it’ll be obvious through a his lack of interest. Accept that some failure is unavoidable. Try to get used to striking out; you may not be able to attract the ideal man overnight. The only way to get good at anything is practice, and this is no exception. A little bit of rejection will allow you to hone your skills, and seeing what works and what doesn’t will help you get better at meeting guys in the long run.

Patience: You have to be patient and dedicated when starting a new project or embarking on a new adventure. After you familiarize yourself with the Guide to Attracting Men, only time and practice will allow you to get really good at attracting guys and being able to catch the the men you’re interested in. You aren’t the only woman who has studied these techniques: lots of women, even without admitting it, use pheromones and other advantages to meet the right men.

Self-assurance: The tactics presented in this guide, including the use of human pheromones, represent powerful tools to help you attract men. While these tools can give you an appreciable edge in interpersonal relationships, you still need to maintain the right personal attitude. Confidence and poise are important to projecting the right image and attitude to the people you want to attract. Try to feel self-assured, or it may be hard to attract the right guy. Try to project the knowledge that you are strong and in control of the situation, but without being too aggressive. Subtle confidence is the key to getting the right guys to come to you.

Knowledge: With the techniques in this guide (techniques which explain how to prepare yourself, how to utilize subconscious drivers of attraction, and how to behave in the presence of targets) you will be able to fundamentally alter the way others react to your presence. Even with all these tools, you should always be willing to expand your repertoire, and let trial and error guide you in determining what works and what doesn’t. Some techniques are very effective for some women and ineffective for others. I leave it to you to determine the crux of your attraction techniques and find the combination of strategies that works for you.

Critical Concepts

Have you ever heard of acting as if? It’s a technique that’s championed by a lot of people in the motivational and self-help fields. Acting as if is simple; act as if the situation you’re trying to create in your life is true. You might feel like this is disingenuous, but actually, by radiating positive energy and good feelings, you are helping to create an atmosphere in which you can get what you want. Make it seem like you have things under control, and you will.

1.Acting As If

You won’t have the best luck meeting men unless you put your best foot forward. Every woman has tricks and techniques that she uses to make herself more attractive. Take the time to pick out clothes that are flattering for your figure, pay extra attention to your makeup, and (of course!) don’t forget your hair. The synthetic human pheromones that you’ll be using to improve your ability to attract men will be a great help, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your conventional appearance.

2. Make yourself attractive

Men don’t want to be reminded of themselves, they want to focus on something outside of themselves. That’s why it can be very useful to try to bring the focus on you. By focusing the conversation and attention on yourself, you can lower their natural “guard” and inhibitions. Try to avoid focusing too much on the man. Instead, bring the conversation to yourself and keep to topics that you understand well. Too much internalizing to and self-reflection on the man’s part can’t be helpful. Driving the attention to yourself helps eliminate his doubts and smooths the transition to a better (or more intimate) venue.

3. Help him focus on you

Every man is a little different, and every pick-up technique should be different. Some men are more shy than others, whereas some are more assertive. An assertive man may be easy to walk up to, because he’s an extrovert too, while a shy man might be intimated by a forward advance. Try to get a good sense of the man you’re trying to attract before you make your move.

4. Choose the right man

This is especially important. The cornerstone of the attraction strategies and tactics that are presented in this guide is the use of a synthetic human pheromone perfume to attract men. Using the wrong pheromone product can make your behavior confusing or counter-productive when interacting with men. Remember that pheromones help to set the mood of interactions, so a pheromone setting the wrong mood may create an atmosphere counter to what you’d like to achieve. Make sure that you choose a pheromone perfume and NOT a pheromone cologne -- there many pheromone products on the market for attracting women, but not as many for men. The truth is that there are very few effective pheromone perfumes in existence. Our pheromone perfume comparison table breaks down the differences between the top pheromone perfumes and will be a useful tool for anyone looking to start using synthetic pheromones to attract men. Additionally, most quality women’s perfumes have a tiered scent profile that adds complexity and mystique to the scent. Just because you’re buying a pheromone perfume doesn’t mean that you should ignore the “perfume” aspect -- a good scent is also key.

5. Choose the right pheromone perfume.

Prepare Your Body



If you don’t shower properly, you might find that your pheromones and the perfume you’re wearing are conflicting with one another, which can send confusing signals to those around you.

Wash up:

Did you know that the effective use of pheromones begins even before you starting applying the pheromone perfume? I want to tell you a secret about pheromone perfume: if you didn’t shower, you wouldn’t need it. Sounds counter-intuitive? The whole science of pheromones is based on the fact that every day, you shower and you remove your natural pheromones. Now, the best synthetic human pheromones are created to be as effective, or more effective, than the natural pheromones your body produces.



Control your Fragrance Profile:

Many pheromone perfumes are formulated with fragrances designed not to counteract the active pheromones. It’s important to try not to use too many fragrant products outside of the perfume itself. Most normal or fragrance-neutral soaps will be fine. Whenever you apply a cosmetic or other hygiene product, try to think about how strong its chemical profile is and whether or not you think it will negatively interact with your pheromones.

Anything with an especially strong fragrance profile or powerful chemical content could have a negative interaction with the pheromone perfume you’re using. Avoid using strong products.



Always, always wear clean clothes!

Sweat, dirt, toxins, and other odors will interfere with the efficacy of the pheromone perfume. Clean clothes will minimize the impact that outside agents have on the synthetic pheromone so they can be more effective.

Application of Pheromones



Put it On:

Apply the pheromones to your pulse points. Using your fingertips, dab a small amount of the product on each wrist, behind your ears, the inside of your elbow, and at your throat. If wearing shorts, also apply the product behind your knees.

The pulse points are where you feel your heartbeat – your wrist, throat, elbow, below your ear, and (optionally, if wearing shorts) behind your knees.



Feel the Mood:

Pheromones are very powerful. You have to give yourself time to let your mood adjust to the pheromones you’ve applied. As the pheromones are beginning to work, give your body and your mind enough time to adjust.

Pheromones are chemicals that affect human emotions and interactions. It’s possible that you will notice your own reaction to the pheromones you apply soon after the put them on. Since the pheromones you’re interested in are meant to attract men, you may have a wide variety responses to your own scent. Try to relax, take a few deep breaths, and let yourself adjust to the differences that are at work. Your mood should be a positive one after you are finished adjusting to the differences.




Allow the pheromones time to absorb before beginning your interactions with men. Not every pheromone perfume has the same absorption rate. Make sure you check with the manufacturer or the product’s instructions to find out how long it takes for pheromones to absorb into your skin.

You should give yourself time for your mood to acclimate to the new pheromones, but you should also give them time to absorb into your skin. Wait at least 15 minutes before approaching members of the opposite sex.

Game Time



First Contact:

Make contact. Jump in with both feet. You will never be able to attract a man without being able to snare him into a simple conversation. Many men are too intimidated to open up a rapport with you. Use this fact to your advantage by not always waiting for men to start the conversation; you can just as easily do so yourself. Men will be pleasantly surprised by how forward you are, and if they’re otherwise attached or uninterested, then you should move on to another target. Accept the fact that you will probably fail many times before you succeed once. While I don’t suggest going out and trying to chat up every man you meet, starting some conversations yourself will at least be good practice.

Pheromones will make you significantly more attractive to men, but only if you put yourself in a situation where they can begin to see you as a possible mate. This means presenting yourself to them. It really is as simple as rejecting fear and walking up and saying hi.



The First Conversation:

Remember that what you’re doing is positive; using pheromones doesn’t make you “weird”. Start talking to him, asking questions, and be playful. Do not feel as though you are doing something immoral. There is nothing wrong with using pheromones to try to meet women, and you aren’t giving yourself an unfair advantage. If things aren’t working, be willing to press the eject button – but don’t feel discouraged if things don’t work out automatically.

Your job is to overcome the everyday defenses that men put up in order to prevent themselves from really experiencing life. Remember that you’re doing them a favor — and yourself. These men are most likely lonely unfulfilled, and are searching for something special in life the same way you are. You can help them, and, in the process, help yourself.



Remember Your Theme:

Want to know what a theme is? Everybody should have one. You could have an “innocent” theme, a “damsel in distress” theme, a “femme fatale” theme, or perhaps another one. The combinations and possibilities are endless. A theme is basically a certain attitude or persona that you project with the person you are trying to “pick up”. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be interesting and get the person attracted to you. If you are wearing a pheromone perfume that has a “damsel in distress” theme then you shouldn’t be aggressive and provocative. Try to pick a perfume that matches your personality, and stick to the script.

By keeping a consistent theme throughout the interaction, you avoid confusing the man by sending him a consistent message. Too much outside stimuli can be very difficult for a man to handle and may leave him unable to respond to your advances. A consistent theme should be part of every woman’s pick up strategy.



Be Ready to Seal the Deal:

You’re out here trying to meet the right man for a reason. There’s no sense in doing so if you’re only going to have a conversation. Every woman has a different concept of what it means to “close the deal”. Maybe it’s getting or giving a phone number of e-mail address, or maybe it’s scheduling a date… or maybe something a little bit more provocative. Whatever it is, be sure that you’re ready with your number or a time to meet again. Don’t waste your energy if you aren’t prepared to go to the next level.

Many women are surprised by how much success they are able to achieve with just a few tips from the guide and their new pheromone perfumes. They get confused and they don’t know how to escalate the interaction to another level. Make sure you are ready to get to the next step!



This guide is meant to supplement your existing knowledge for attracting men with tips about how to prepare yourself and use synthetic human pheromones for an attraction advantage. There are many, many methods for meeting people, some legitimate and some completely useless. Use your own judgment to determine whether or not those techniques are worthwhile, but remember that pheromone products absolutely give you a leg up over the competition.

Pheromones are a powerful tool. If used correctly, they can absolutely level up your game and change your life. Understand how they work, and use them for good.

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