Pheromones For Women

A happily attracted man and women. Pheromones For Women

If you’re a woman who’s looking to try pheromones, then the chances are you’re trying to attract a mate for a long-term relationship. Every woman’s natural pheromone profile is different, and not everyone is genetically gifted with the “perfect” pheromones. Have you ever seen a “mismatched” couple walking down the street and wondered how two people whose “numbers” are so different could end up being together? The chances are that the “lower number” has the gift of a fantastic pheromone profile that makes them irresistible to members of the opposite sex.


Trying to find pheromone perfume or unscented women’s pheromone blend can be difficult. If you’re just starting out, be sure to check out our pheromone perfume or unscented pheromones pages. These pages list many of the known pheromone perfumes and pheromone blends for women. Additionally, the information below will help you find the right pheromone perfume or mixture and apply it to your maximum benefit. Remember, the right guy is out there somewhere, but it’s up to you to attract him. Let’s get started!

Before you start using pheromones, you should be warned about the reaction you’ll be getting from men.

Typical Results Pheromones Have On Men

Men will:

  • approach more often
  • give more affectionate gestures
  • become more talkative
  • show more interest
  • will be more sexually arroused
  • act more exciting and desirable

How Pheromones Help Women Seduce Men

In nature, people and animals naturally secrete pheromones as a way to communicate with and to increase attraction from potential mates. Most people go their whole lives without ever understanding the important role these chemicals play in their everyday lives. Both naturally secreted and artificial, synthetic pheromones can be used to attract men. Once secreted (or applied), pheromones are sensed through the VNO (vomeronasal organ) found in the nasal passageway. After detecting pheromones, a man’s brain releases neurotransmitters that can cause an increased feeling of sexual desire, emotional attachment, lust, and attraction. Even though supplementing your natural pheromone profile with a pheromone product cannot, on its own, guarantee that you will find a boyfriend or husband (or even a “special friend”),  supplementing your pheromone profile can give you an edge over other women in the dating pool and help create that special something that causes men to fall all over themselves for the chance to initiate contact with you. Now we’re going to teach you about your two “best friends” when it comes to snagging guys with the help of pheromones: Copulins and Androstenol.


Increase A Man’s Burning Desire For You with Copulins

Copulins are an odorless human pheromone that’s naturally secreted in the vagina. From an evolutionary perspective, there’s a very good reason why your body produces and releases copulins: to attract a mate during ovulation. Your body goes into pheromone overdrive producing copulins. When a male senses copulins, he knows he’s around an ovulating female — thus attracting a man at the right time to improve the chance you’ll become pregnant. This powerful pheromone has been known to increase testosterone levels in men by about 150%. An increased level of testosterone will significantly increase a man’s sex drive.

Improve Social Interactions With Men Androstenol

Androstenol often makes up the other half of the pheromone content found in pheromone perfumes. This human pheromone is commonly refered to as a social pheromone. When anrostenol is sensed it can make people gain the feeling of comfort, relaxation, and friendliness. Androstenol can also relieve tension and awkwardness, which can be very helpful when meeting someone for the first time. Pheromones aren’t a magic bullet, but they can enhance your confidence and mystique. Happy hunting!