Unscented Pheromones


If you’re interested in trying out pheromones for the first time, then you’re probably seeing a lot of information about pheromone colognes. One thing you should know is that pheromones do not have to be packaged with a cologne: raw pheromones provide the same effect as a pheromone cologne but allow you to choose your own scent profile to go with it.

Is there any difference in performance between an unscented pheromone product and a scented pheromone product?

No, the unscented version of a pheromone product will give you the same results as the scented version. The only thing that determines how well a pheromone product works is the pheromone content. You can find reviews of unscented pheromone pictures on our site. As always, make sure that your chosen pheromone mixture matches your chosen theme.



Benefits of using an unscented pheromone product

  • You can wear your favorite cologne, perfume, or nothing at all and still reap all of the benefits of wearing pheromones.
  • You are guaranteed to not be disappointed by the smell of the product you buy.
  • Pheromones are becoming more and more popular so people who have become familiar with the scent of a specific pheromone product will not know you are using pheromones to attract them.

If I can’t smell the product how do I know when I have applied enough?

With almost every pheromone product it is recommended to apply 2-3 drops to your wrists, chest, and neck area. If you apply any more you will just be wasting your product and if you apply less you may not see results. Each product lasts a different amount of time, so if you would like to know how long specific products effects last you can find that by reading the products full review.