Pheromones Guide for Men

The Process

Optimal efficacy: is achieved only when this guide is followed exactly. This is a formula, not a guideline. Failing to follow all aspects of this guide greatly reduces the likelihood of success.

This guide incorporates data from the latest scientific research on human attraction and 1000’s of real-life experiences from pick-up experts. Picking up women is both an art and a science, and every possible tool should be utilized to increase your chances of success. This website and guide focus on the use of synthetic human pheromones to gain an unfair advantage in attracting women.

You are man – and as a man, you have one evolutionary objective: to meet and seduce beautiful women. This is your primal purpose - and achieving success requires dedication, patience, and confidence. These three attitudes can be achieved by anyone with enough focus. The fourth and final requirement, the key that unlocks the other three, is knowledge. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to dramatically enhance your attractiveness, alter women’s perceptions of your presence, level up your “game”, and guarantee you sexual domination.


Personal Requirements:

Dedication: The first requirement is dedication. To become a master at picking up women, you'll have to be completely committed. Every master was once a student, receiving daily correction and rebuke. Your rebukes will come in the form of rejection – by your prey. Accept that some failure is unavoidable. Learn to steel yourself against this rejection and give yourself time to make mistakes.

Patience: Patience and dedication go hand in hand. Even after arming yourself with this guide, it will take a significant amount of time and practice before you can consistently close the deal with women you've targeted. Remember that you aren't the only one who studies these techniques and methods and that many men have already succeeded at this game; patience will allow you to join them.

Confidence: The tactics presented in this guide, including the use of synthetic human pheromones, represent powerful short-cuts to attracting the opposite sex. While these tools can give you an incredible edge in relationships, the one thing that can ruin your set is hesitation and self-doubt. Women require confidence, and your success will be determined by your ability to live up to that desire.

Knowledge: Armed with the techniques in this guide (techniques which explain how to prepare yourself, how to utilize subconscious drivers of attraction, and how to behave in the presence of targets) you will be able to fundamentally alter the way women react to your presence. Even with all these tools you should always be willing to expand your repertoire, and let trial and error guide you in determining what works and what doesn't.

Critical Concepts

Women want a man who's accomplished – a man who's successful and fulfilled. Don't bring doubt into the equation by valuing her too highly. When she sees that you are not emotionally invested in the outcome of your interaction, she will be more likely to succumb to your advances.

1. Act as if you already have everything you want.

You do not have to be a muscle-bound action hero or pretty-boy model to pull the hottest women. That being said, you should make every effort to improve your appearance to the greatest extent possible. Cut your hair and wear clean well-fitting clothing.

2. Make yourself as attractive as possible

You want her talking about herself and drawing the focus off of you. Remember -- she is her own favorite topic. Help her indulge.

3. Bring the focus to her, not yourself.

Every woman is different, and the exact same pick-up technique should not be used on every type of person. Some women are shy, others assertive – different techniques will work on different personalities. Use logic and practice often to determine what sort of set is appropriate for your quarry.

4. Choose the right targets

Synthetic human pheromones are highly effective tools in creating interest and attraction from the opposite sex. However, some pheromones are suited for maintaining long-term relationships – while others are for making you stand out in a crowd. Make sure you choose the right pheromone cologne for meeting women. The “theme” of the pheromone product you choose should match your attraction strategy and situation. Remember that there are very few effective pheromone themes for meeting women, and you should only use a product that emphasizes your alpha-male status and is designed for the pick-up game. The ‘alpha-male-musk’ theme is the one for you. To skip to our pheromone product recommendations, click HERE.

5. Choose the right pheromone cologne

Prepare Your Body



Wash up:

Make sure you wash your body as thoroughly as possible. You must provide a “clean slate” for a pheromone cologne to take affect. The bleed-through affect of your natural scent can be devastating and render whatever pheromone product you’re using to be useless.

Your own natural pheromones can “cover” and neutralize the pheromone cologne you apply.



Control your Fragrance Profile:

Use products without strong fragrances as much as possible. Musk or low-fragrance hygiene products will help your pheromones be more effective. This includes hair gels, soaps, aftershave, laundry detergent, and other products you apply to your skin.

Strong chemical fragrances can counteract whatever pheromone-based cologne you are wearing.



Wear clean clothes!

This cannot be overstated. Wear clean clothes – including freshly laundered pants – unless you want your own stale pheromones conflicting with the ones you’ve applied.

Application of Pheromones



Put it On:

Apply the pheromones to your pulse points. Using your fingertips, dab a small amount of the product on each wrist, behind your ears, the inside of your elbow, and at your throat. If wearing shorts, also apply the product behind your knees.

The pulse points are where you feel your heartbeat – your wrist, throat, elbow, below your ear, and (optionally, if wearing shorts) behind your knees.
Note: few fashionable men wear shorts.



Feel the Mood:

Allow your mood to adjust to the pheromones you have applied. Powerful chemicals are at work, and your body and mind will need time to adjust to the new sensations and feelings.

Pheromones are chemicals that effect human emotions and interactions. They are so effective that you will immediately feel the effects of your own pheromones as soon as you apply them. Since the pheromones you’re interested in are meant to attract women, you may have a wide variety responses to your own scent. Just relax, take a few deep breaths, and let yourself get back to normal.




Allow the pheromones time to absorb before entering the field of battle. The absorption rate of each pheromone product varies, so make sure you check with the manufacturer to see how long you should wait before you put yourself in a social situation.

Not only should you give yourself time to acclimate your mood to the pheromones, but you should give them a little time to absorb into your skin. I suggest waiting about 15 minutes before going out and starting your first set.

Game Time



First Contact:

Make contact. Simply walk up to your target and say something simple, like: “Hi, I think you’re pretty”.

This video shows you some of the ways you can approach women.

You must accept that this is a high reward, zero risk situation. You may fail, but there are millions of women to fail on so have nothing to worry about.

Try to make contact, preferably skin-on-skin contact, as soon as you can.

Establishing this connection is the key to closing the deal.

Pheromones will make you significantly more attractive to women, but only if you put yourself in a situation where they can begin to see you as more than just another guy. This means presenting yourself to them. It really is as simple as rejecting fear and walking up and saying hi.



The First Conversation:

Remember the “rightness” of your actions. Start talking to her, asking her questions, and be playful. Do not feel as though you are doing something immoral. There is nothing wrong with using pheromones to try to meet women, and you aren’t giving yourself an unfair advantage. If things aren’t working, be willing to press the eject button – but don’t feel discouraged if things don’t work out automatically.

Your job is to overcome the everyday defenses that beautiful women put up in order to prevent themselves from being happy. You might feel like a hunter, but you’re more like a doctor. These women – beautiful, lonely, and unfulfilled – are searching for something special in life the same way you are. You can help them.



Remember Your Theme:

Never forget what your pheromone “theme” is. Every pheromone has a different theme, and you should choose one based on your personality. The most effective choice is the alpha-male-musk theme, because it attracts the widest variety of women. Don’t be afraid to vary your theme, but always tailor your pick-up technique to your pheromone theme.

If you act in a way that directly contravenes the theme your pheromones are signaling, then women will be confused and turned-off. Do not send mixed messages. Choose your theme wisely, because it will guide your set. Note: The alpha-male-musk theme is the most flexible and forgiving towards incongruous behavior.



Always Be Closing:

Close the deal! Closing the deal is different for everyone. Some guys consider getting her number to be “closing”, some are looking for a hard-and-fast date established to meet again, and some guys only feel the set is complete if they sleep with the girl they chatted up. Decide for yourself what closing is – but always be closing.

Picking up women should be a goal-directed activity. You are not out on the town, goofing off and making a fool of yourself. You have a job to do, an important job – to make everything right in this universe. Go forth.



This guide is meant to supplement your existing pick-up knowledge with tips about how to prepare yourself and use synthetic human pheromones for an attraction advantage. There are many, many methods for meeting women, some legitimate and some completely useless. Use your own judgment to determine whether or not those techniques are worthwhile, but remember that pheromone products absolutely give you a leg up over the competition.

Pheromones are a powerful tool. If used correctly, they can absolutely level up your game and change your life. Understand how they work, and use them for good.

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