Pheromone Themes – What Are They & How To Use Them

The purpose of this page is to show you how you can use something called a “theme” to manipulate people into doing the things you want them to do including sex.  No – before you email me about how it’s wrong to subconsciously mind control people let me be the first to say that I don’t really care. There are plenty of guys and girls out there making proper use of this info and without it you’re handicaping yourself. If you feel morally obligated just stop reading now… please.

Still reading…? Hah. I thought you would be. Let me be the first to say a little evil goes a long way…

Pheromone Themes – What Are They?

There’s no debate in how people live and seek satisfaction of needs in many unique ways. Perhaps what makes us most human is what also defines our pheromone themes. That is our uniquely human free will. As humans we pick roles and play them. William Shakespeare said, “We’re all but actors on the world stage.” Of course what he meant by this is we all play our perceived roles and act out those roles in our lives. We choose whether to be angry, nerdy, or jock etc. You’ve been developing your character’s role since childhood. You’ve grown to accept and be comfortable with your role and people around you have too.

The Basics

Everything in life is precieved by our 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing) — 6 if you’re Bruce Willis. An essential concept in theming is that in order to create a specific theme you have to create a perceptible sense that ties in with your theme. So if I’m trying to create the perception of being calm and collective but not nervous I would avoid at all costs putting my hands in my pants pockets. In order to seem powerful I would avoid any slouching of my shoulders. In order to seem exotic I may use a cologne such as Chikara because it contains stereotypical oriental smells.

The Power Of Manipulating Associations

As modern humans we’re absolutely bombarded with stereotypes. Stereotypes are commonly held beliefs about a social group. For example, many see Asians as smart or Americans as fat and lazy. Stereotyping is also referred to as labeling. In which you assign a social group a “trait” such as dumb, fat, lazy, nerdy etc.. Stereotyping is almost essential for modern humans despite the clear problems with automatically labeling people with traits. Stereotyping makes learning much faster and enables us to process the ever so fast paced modern world.

Obviously then it would make sense for us to be aware of all these different percievable things that may label us as “unapproachable” or “undatable”. Unfortunately it would be impossible for me to even begin on many stereotypes to avoid. Especially due to cultural and regional differences.

YOU (TM) – The Brand *Don’t Skip This!*

At the end of the day when it comes down to it the most important thing for you is to discover who you are. Be able to isolate your strengths and weaknesses. Explore your fantasies of what would make you perfect. Once you’ve got a clear idea of your ideal image. Begin the process of extrapolating on what it will take to sell that image to people.

Fast Fixes To Your Brand

Fashion – The fastest fix to your image and what people think of you is fine tuning your sense of fashion. Back when I lived as emperor over the geeks (middle school) I rebelled against fashion. Little did I know that a sense of fashion or atleast a respect for it would immensly score points for me with the ladies. If you’re puzzled as to why you’re like most men and don’t understand that chicks percieve your knowledge of fashion as cultural, worldly, and more importantly, it indicates you have girl friends which is absolutely HUGE! Unfortunately the topic of fashion is wide. I suggest you either do a bit of research or hire a fashion expert to give you a makeover.

Pheromones & Scents – An important part of you to a girl is your scent both conscious and subconscious (pheromones). Your smell believe it or not says a lot about what type of person you are. Most importantly it is a chance for you to stand out from the crowd. This is absolutely essential and is vital for any guy wanting to increase his odds at the attraction phase. In addition pheromones give you the ability to cover up any character weaknesses such as lackluster dominance. Which pheromone cologne or perfume you use will depend on the theme you’ve identified. You’ll have to experiment with which pheromone blend works best for you but below I made a basic pheromone theme guide for you. In addition each pheromone overview page goes into detail on the pheromone blends effect on your theme.

  • Anxiety– Having any sort of anxiety is usually due to inexperience in a situation. Fortunately this is easily relieved with experiences of the anxiety driving situations. Problem is people have a sense of when your nervous. It says that your unsure and insecure. This is definately a huge drain on your mental power and will be noticeble. The trick with dealing with anxiety is to cover it up until you get comfortable. You’ll need a pheromone that gives of sense of calm, collective, and stable.
  • Social– The most important aspect of relationships is the verbal exchange between the partners. The reason why this is extremely important is obvious because it seemingly makes or breaks where the relationship will go if anywhere. The right pheromones at best can act as a sort of damage control or perhaps pull desires in such a way as to mitigate how important the social exchange is. For example if I can overly dominate a chick she will be less persauded by what I say. Women will have less problems during the attraction phase with social issues because men weigh attraction on a more physical and unconscious level.
  • Exotic– The absolute essential thing for you to do to even engage in the attraction phase is to stand out. Besides your fashion scense the pheromones you give off are extremely important to say whether you’re normal or unique. Male and females bore quickly of the status quo and anything that represents a “cool” change is a plus. Often the scent of vanilla (for example) or a well mixed blend of pheromone concentrate can establish this theme.
    • Men – I recommend Chikara.
    • Women – I recommend Alter Ego.
  • Trust – Important to any relationship is the trust element. Trust is especially important in relationships once you move into the “seduction phase”. When a girl wants to get to know you and asks questions about you she’s trying to establish trust. Fortunately there are pheromone blends specifically designed for this task.
    • Men – I recommend Enhanced Liquid Trust
    • Women – I recommend Enhanced Liquid Trust For Women.
  • Dominance – Especially while in groups its important for the male to remain dominant and the leadership if possible. Girls are turned on by the leaders of the group – the decision makers. They feel more self empowered by being able to connect with these types of men. Obviously the main problem with theming dominance is the good ol’ cock fight. Men can sense a pheromone concentrate of androstenone and may feel threatend by you.
    • Men – I recommend EdgeUp.
    • Women – I don’t recommend seeking dominance!

Long Fixes To Your Brand

Social Skills – Many men lack the adequate set of social skills to fit their theme in order to attract and seduce women. Of course the social aspect is an art form in and of itself. Practice makes perfect! I could probably write a 300 page book on this topic. I will expand on it in the future. For now be aware that females are sexually stimulated by the male giving sexual value in conversation and providing entertainment value. If you’re really interested in this I recommend looking into the book called, “The Game”.

Hobbies / Hangouts – Picking up several hobbies in which you and a potential partner can enjoy is necessary. Sorry guys, no World Of Warcraft with your potential prospects. Find stuff to do, like hang out at a Hookah Bar, play billiards, or hike.

In order to drive your partner to these activities and hangouts you’ll need a car. Make sure your car fits atleast 4 people as it becomes inconvenient if you only have a 2 seater. Girls want to be driven around with their friends.

Get an apartment or a house. No living in your mothers basement. If you’re young this is okay up until about 30. Your house should emphasize your theme with flair. Such as posters, ornaments etc. Keep your house clean and tidy.

Stability – Having money stability in your life is extremely important. Make sure you establish safe cash flow streams. Try to minimize the amount of time you have to spend working each week. This can be established with many different financial planning methods. Mainly, just make sure you’re saving money and not buying junk that consumes your life.


As you may have gathered by now I could go on and on forever on the different techniques to make themes work for you. I will try to slowly update this article and others on the topic of themes and image projection. For the mean time take note of the suggestions I’ve had for each theme element.

Please feel free to email me at to comment on this page or ask a question. Advice on possible topics is always appreciated!