Pheromone Review

The Pheromones Guru Review Process

Step One: Scent Evaluation
For each product we go to the streets and ask everyday people what they think about the scent. The final grades are based on the opinions of the reviewers and responses we get while field-testing.

Step Two: Field Testing
This is the most important part of the evaluation. During this step we test each product to see how well it performs at various locations, and in different scenarios.
Typical Test Locations: Mall, Museum, Restaurant, Night Club, Strip Club, College Campus, Bar, Park, Beach.
Typical Test Scenarios: Out by yourself, out with one friend, out with a group of friends, a date, a double date.

Step Three: Reviewer Collaboration
After the completion of the field tests, all of the reviewers sit down and discuss the product.

Step Four: The Final Grade
Once the reviewers have taken everything into consideration and think that they know everything about the product, a final grade is given and the review is published.

Did you know that before you even break conversation with a potential mate they’ve most likely already decided if you’re a prospect for a potential mate? This is just a natural part of being human. Essentially, we take the short cut about judgment by using stereotypes to make information processing faster. So why not take advantage of this to score us some more points in the game

Tips On Finding Your Theme

How to project a good image?
Projecting a good image is about enticing the senses of the target (the ideal girl or guy you want to attract). Of course you want to look good and smell good. You also want to apply what I like to call a “theme” to yourself. You see everything about you says something about what type of person you are. The shirt you wear for example may say “sophisticated”, “open”, “assertive”, or “rebellious” to a chick. A tattoo or piercing may have meaning to her too it may say “creativity”, “expressive”, or “artistic”. The cool thing is chicks dig all sorts of niche themes such as “rebellious” , “jock”, and even “intelligence”. So my personal opinion is that you think of the theme that best fits you and run with it. Of course some chicks will naturally be attuned to certain themes.

Projecting your theme is just as important with a pheromone cologne or perfume. The scent combined with the pheromones tells a potential mate what kind of person you are. The pheromones you wear can greatly enhance your theme.


Grade explanation

A+ = Perfect A = Nearly Perfect A = Excellent B = Pretty Good

C = Average D = Below Average F = Bad