Realm Pheromone Perfume

by Realm

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Before conducting any field tests, I read through Realm’s Ingredient list and from that I expected Realm to have an awesome scent but little effectiveness from the pheromones. I was immediately impressed with realm just after opening the package because of the bottle’s elegance and sophistication.

  • Available in 1.7oz or 3.7oz
  • Contains Androstenol and Copulins
  • Recommended Use: formal social event, a date, nightlife
  • Recommended for any age
  • Appealing designer scent
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Lowest Price: 49.95

Aroma……………“Water Aromatic“ A+
Duration…………5 hours


Realm has a unique theme of sophistication, sexiness, and comfort. The sophistication comes from the scent, the sexiness come from the copulins, and the androstenol makes men approach more often from your comforting and friendly openness.

  • “Sophistication”- Men will know that you are not a cheap date or easy.
  • “Sexiness”- You are desirable to men and in response recieve attention and affectionate gestures from men.
  • “Openness”- Men see you as approachable.

Manufacturer: Realm
Availability: Realm is available from select online retailers.
Product Description:

The niceness of the bottle made me even more excited about getting a whiff of the aroma. After only a single spray, I knew I had to buy myself a bottle. The scent is described as being refreshing, oriental, and soft, containing a blend of mandarin, water lily, sandalwood, vanilla, and honey. The aroma lived up to expectations, but the true test would be how well the pheromone content performed.

I initially had low expectations about how well Realm would work to attract men, but by the end of the testing I was pleasantly surprised with the results and effectiveness. Realm ended up being one of the best performers I had ever seen. The quality of the pheromones definitively made up for low quantity.

Editor’s Description:

Realm is a pheromone perfume designed to help you attract men that contains Androstenol and Copulins in its formula. In the case of this product, we found the pheromone concentration to be way lower than other similarly priced perfumes that we had reviewed. Despite this, we did experience positive results from men. We recommend anyone looking for a confidence boost try this product. If you are looking for definitive results, we recommend that you take your search elsewhere.

Description Of Features:

There are a low amount of pheromones in this particular perfume, but the quality proved to be enough to produce above average results and effectiveness. Men typically responded well to the pheromones. Surrounding men would show more of an interest and give more affectionate gestures.Expect a lot of compliments. The Aroma is aromatic oriental with lots of flowery scents.

Who Uses Realm Pheromone Perfume:

Any woman who wants to use pheromones to find a guy is a good candidate for using Realm, especially if you don’t want to pair it with a traditional perfume. With such an awesome combination of aroma and pheromones, I cannot think of a reason why Realm would not help any woman. Surprisingly, the pheromone’s results were well above average and proved to be effective despite low quantities.

Description of Smell: Realm's "water aromatic" scent is particularly pleasing among all the pheromone perfumes we've tested.

Product Formulation:

Realm pheromone perfume contains low amounts of androstenol and copulins. While not found in high concentrations, these pheromones will definitely help attract men.

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