Pheromax for Women

by Pheromax

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Pheromax is a high-end pheromone perfume product from Germany designed to be used in conjunction with a traditional designer perfume. It is a concentrated pheromone perfume additive with no scents or other adulterants.

  • Designed in Germany
  • Contains Androstenol and Copulins
  • Full 5mg dose of synthetic pheromones
  • Attractive metallic bottle
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Aroma……………“N/A“ N/A
Duration…………5 hours


Pheromax unscented pheromone perfume additive has two main themes:

  • Seductress: Causes men to view you as a huntress or a sexual equal rather than sexual prey.
  • Confidence: Men are attracted to your poise and self-control.
  • Success: Increases the perception of your social value.

Manufacturer: Pheromax
Availability: Available Online Only
Product Description:

Pheromax for women is a concentrated pheromone additive. Inside an attractive metal container are 5mg of the most powerful synthetic human pheromones produced by science. 3mg of copulins and 2mg of androstenol applied with your favorite scent will increase your status to men and help you get a lot more attention.

Editor’s Description:

Pheromax is a pheromone perfume that uses Androstenol and Copulins in its formula. We were very pleased with the results that we received while wearing this perfume. We were hoping for the best and thats what we found. If you are looking for a product that will serious increase a man’s sexual attraction towards you, we recommend this product. If you are looking for something more balanced or casual, we recommend that you keep searching.

Description Of Features:

This attractive cylindrical container is chock full of amazingly potent pheromones, which are certainly some of the highest quality we’ve ever encountered. Whether you’re on the dance floor or in the board room, men are going to take notice of you while wearing Pheromax for women.

Who Uses Pheromax for Women:

Any woman who wants to get ahead in life is going to encounter men, and a man’s perception of a woman can be altered dramatically by pheromone additives. Pheromone perfume or perfume additives should be used by any woman who showers frequently. When you shower, you remove your body’s natural pheromones, which can take weeks or months to build up. If you are’t going to go several weeks without a shower, then a pheromone additive is going to give you a huge edge when it comes to knocking down whatever’s in your path.

Description of Smell: Pheromax for Women is an unscented pheromone product. It should be used in conjunction with traditional perfumes, but not mixed with other pheromone perfumes.

Product Formulation:

Pheromax for women contains 3mg of copulins and 2mg of androstenol.

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