Edge Perfume

by Edge

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Have you ever felt like you could use a little "edge" when trying to meet men? Edge pheromone perfume can be that extra advantage you need to find the right man and get him to approach you. With concentrated androstenol and copulins, there is no doubt that Edge pheromone perfume can help you meet and catch that man of your dreams.

  • 2.4mg of potent pheromone content
  • Contains androstenol
  • Contains copulins
  • 24ml spray bottle
  • Great Overall Value
  • Available Unscented
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Aroma……………“Tango or Glow available“ A
Duration…………6 hours hours


  • “Sexually attractive” – Powerful copulins really turn men on
  • “Approachable” – Men will feel inclined more inclined to approach you.

Manufacturer: Edge
Availability: Edge pheromone perfume is available online.
Product Description:

Edge is a pheromone perfume that is the cutting edge in artificial human pheromone technology and one of the hottest new pheromone products. Edge went through over two years of development in order to have the perfect combination of pheromones. Along with the potent 2.4mg of pheromone content, Edge also comes in two scents: Tango or Glow. The formula has not been released, but based on the results we are certain that it contains androstenol and copulins.

Editor’s Description:

Edge is a pheromone perfume that uses Androstonol and Copulins as the pheromones in its formula. Edge had over two years in development time to perfect its formula. From the results we have seen, you can justify why it took two years. If you are looking for sexual advances from the opposite sex, we recommend this as the product for you. If you are looking for more casual or professional reactions, we recommend you keep looking.

Description Of Features:

Although it contains only a small amount (2.4mg) of pheromones, they are powerful. The copulins increase a man’s sexual and arousal, leading to more aggressive and assertive actions from surrounding men.  The hint of androstenol brings it all together, making situations with men you encounter not only sexual but also comfortable. I found both aromas to be pleasing and accessible.

Who Uses Edge Perfume:

In short, women who want to meet men! There isn’t a pheromone perfume with more powerful and effective pheromones. Men have responded extremely well to the androstenol and copulins. If you wear edge and put in the right amount of effort you should have no problem attracting more men.


Description of Smell: Tango is a fruity aromatic smell, whereas glow is a more mellow smell reminiscent somewhat of patchouli oil. Both are very accessible and down-to-earth, not at all overwhelming.

Product Formulation:

Although the specific formula remains unpublished, we have been told that Edge contains 2.4 mg of androstenol and copulins, two powerful pheromones for women to attract men. We do wish that there were a higher concentration of pheromones as this product would be that much more powerful.

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