Alter Ego

by Alter Ego

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Both sexual and long lasting relationships can be formed from the help of Alter Ego. Although there is no signaled sexual arousal from this pheromone perfume, people who use Alter Ego have a significant increase in interactions with men.

  • High androstenol content
  • Great for daily wear and first dates
  • 7.5 ML/bottle
  • Scent and effects wear off at the same time
  • Performs well in all age groups
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Aroma……………“Floral“ A-
Duration…………4-6 hours


Alter Ego’s theme combines friendliness, comfort, and trust. This combination is perfect for breaking the ice and usually results in more surrounding men to initiate conversation.

“Openness” – Men will know that you are approachable and men who are interested in you will be more inclined to approach.
“Trust” – Being trustworthy will allow men to connect with you on a higher level.

Manufacturer: Alter Ego
Availability: Available Online Only
Product Description:

Alter Ego is designed to be a social “ice-breaker” and is most helpful for women looking for more openings and opportunities with men. Alter Ego is unique because it contains a large amount of androstenol and no copulins, which is unusual for a pheromone perfume. Copulins are a female pheromone designed to significantly increase sexual arousal in men. Men you meet are not going to have the extra sexual arousal, which allows for more genuine interactions.

Editor’s Description:

Alter Ego is a pheromone perfume that uses a high concentration of Androstenol in its formula. This perfume is not designed to make men more sexually attracted to you. It is however able to help boost your confidence with the opposite sex. If you are looking for a product that will improve your relationships with men in your social lives, we recommend this product. If you are looking for something a little more provocative, we recommend you continue your search.

Description Of Features:

There is an above average presence of androstenol in alter ego. The strength really helps provide consistent results when it comes to meeting men. Every time you wear Alter Ego, you can expect to be treated differently by men. Men will be more inclined to approach and show interest in you. Although we did not note an increase in sexual attention, attention in general can lead to positive results late on. This is not a “Clubbing” pheromone but a “Dating” pheromone.

Who Uses Alter Ego:

Alter Ego Perfume should be used by any woman who wants to receive more attention, praise, or even glances from the men in her life. It’s especially useful for gaining attention in the office or school; any everyday environment, like a workplace, or a casual social event, is a proving ground for this perfume.

Description of Smell: Alter Ego perfume as a pleasing, feminine floral scent.

Product Formulation:

Alter Ego is a floral-scented pheromone perfume with a high concentration of androstenol. While not a specifically “sexual” pheromone, it can definitely help you get more attention from the men in your life.

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