Fragrance Groups

The relationship between pheromones and the oalfactive scents can make or break your theme. How important is the marriage between scent and pheromones? Very!Certain pheromone blends work better with certain scent groups and the style your going for. Be sure to check out the scent groups below, find one that sounds like you, and be sure to browse the pheromone cologne and perfumes suggested in those scent groups.Scent Categories
oriental aroma and fragrance

Oriental – These are exotic, sensual, and extremely “heavy” fragrances. Think of these as containing exotic flowers, foreign resins, vanilla, amber, and musk. Often mixed with fruit fragrances and additional “fresh” scents from the green group.

floral aroma and fragrance

Floral – This fragrance group is associated with essences of white flowers and fresh linens. This is one of the first perfume categories. It also remains extremely popular especially for womens perfume. They tend to have a distinctive feminine quality. Although a number of fragrances of floral are appearing in mens cologne. Perfumers tend to do a alot of experimentation with florals. They really do combine wonderfully with water or fresh green categories. Since the mid 90’s its been the trend to make the fragrance sweeter with hints of fruit.

woods fragrance and aroma

Woods – Best mixed with other fragrances. Oriental woody is a combination of oriental smells mixed with something like a sandalwood to give it a woody hint. Drier, vetiver, cedar, oakmoss, leather, tobacco, burnt wood etc. Mixes well with citrus and fresh aromatic notes.

citrus aroma and fragrance

Citrus – Fragrances contain notes of citrus and fruit such as lemon, peaches, lime, grapefruit, apricot, bergamont, orange, and mandarin. Best combined with florals for women. I recommend a fresh aromatic or a tart smell note for men.

water fragrance and aroma

Water – Perhaps the brighest of the groups… these are really light but brilliant smells. Often worn best in spring and summer. Contains fragrances such as sea air, fresh water plants, and of course water. Best mixed with a citrus or a light green.

green fragrance and aroma

Green – These remind me the most of a clean after shave. Think of them as fresh and new smells. This fresh is created through the addition of aromatic fresh cut grass and green leaves.