Pheromones For Men

How Pheromone Blends Help Men Elicit Attraction Responses From Women

vmoAttraction pheromones are naturally secreted by men and women. Unfortunately, pheromones are not secreted  to the same degree from person to person.  This is one explanation as to why some people just seem to have all the luck in the world with attracting the opposite sex). Scientists have found that the previously misunderstood Vomeronasal Organ in the nasal passageway is where human attraction pheromones are sensed. Once an attraction pheromone is sensed, the brain proceeds to release neurotransmitters that entice a specific feeling based on the type of attraction pheromone (comfort, attraction, sexual desire, arousal, trust, openness, etc.).

Even if you do have a high production of  attraction pheromones, it tends to be the case in society today that you’ll just wash off your natural pheromones in the shower. Obviously it does not make much sense to stop washing even if you do have high pheromone production. The best method is to stay clean and have a favorite pheromone blend picked out for use. Pheromones have to build up over time, and ancient man rarely cleaned himself. Not showering being poison in the dating world, a pheromone cologne or pheromone mixture really is the best chance you have to harness the natural attraction of pheromones.

Benefits of Pheromones

Pheromones do what hair style, clothing, posture and physique do for you, but in a non-visual way: they are another tool in your arsenal for getting women. While a woman might consciously realize that she likes your hair, your physique, or clothes, rarely will a woman realize that pheromones are what’s driving her into your arms. Pheromones help to initiate conversations, positive feelings and increase a sense of interest you by creating an unconscious feeling of comfort and familiarity. Pheromone cologne will also naturally attract women to you by increasing your sex appeal. By no means are pheromones a silver bullet to success with women, but they could give you that extra edge that can make all the difference. Enhancing your confidence around women and their natural, unconscious reaction to your presence are just some  of the ways pheromones can help you succeed with the opposite sex.

Women Who Respond To Attraction Pheromones Typically…

  • Make More Eye Contact
  • Are More Approachable
  • Approach More Often
  • Are More Trusting
  • Are More Chatty
  • Become More Easily Sexually Aroused
  • Are More Friendly
  • Have More Engaging Conversations

How To Use Pheromones To Get The Ladies

Using pheromones to attract women is like putting grease on a wheel. If a wheel is standing still the grease will do nothing, but if the wheel starts moving a little bit the grease will really help it get rolling fast. Pheromones work for your attraction game like grease does for a wheel. You have put a decent amount of effort in to see the true benefits of pheromones. Do your hair, wear nice clothes, act confident, go where girls are, and have something to say. With a little effort and the attraction edge coming from the right pheromone cologne, you should have a definite improvement with the ladies.

Looking for a pheromone attraction cologne for men? Check out our up-to-date pheromone cologne section for the most complete listing of pheromone colognes available. Let us know if we’ve missed a brand and we’ll check it out!