Copulins Pheromone Info

Copulins are among the few pheromones produced exclusively by women. These chemicals are secreted during ovulation. Considered by some to be one of the most powerful pheromones, copulins have been suggested to increase a man’s testosterone level. Many people claim that synthetic or artifical copulins have the potential to produce the same results as a woman’s natural copulins. Copulins are unique in the study pheromones because of its unique properties.

Because copulins are said to be released to aid attraction, one should be aware that they may be linked to interpersonal reactions. It is recommended that women make sure they maintain their copulin levels whenever they begin dating. By significantly reducing or increasing the amount of copulins you use between dates, women may throw off a man’s subconscious perception of them as a potential partner.

Themes and effects associated with copulins

Think about what you want to get out of your dating life before you use copulins. You might find that by experimenting with various pheromone perfumes that there is an exact level of copulins to suit your desires.