Scent of Eros

by James V. Kohl

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I had read quite a lot about pheromone researcher, author, and Scent of Eros designer James V. Kohl. After reading some of his journals and scientific papers I decided to go ahead and try out Scent of Eros. I ordered this cologne from Love-Scent.

  • Contains High Androsterone Content
  • Pheromones last around 4-6 hours.
  • Contains 3 key Pheromones
  • 1 fl oz Per Bottle
  • Recommended Use: Highly Socialable Nights Out, Work, More Formal Social Environments, For Shy / Nervous Guys
  • Recommended Age: Perfect For Any Age
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Aroma……………“Classic Musk“ A
Duration…………4-6 hours


  • Smooth“- Reduces the appearance of social anxiety. Think – “damage control”.
  • Deep Connection – People relate to you and you’re experiences.
  • Sensitive” – Women see a greater sense of empathy you have. Enhances trust.

Manufacturer: James V. Kohl
Availability: Available Online Only
Product Description:

Scent of Eros is a pheromone cologne that uses Androstenol, Androsterone, and Androstenone in its formula.

Editor’s Description:

We found Scent of Eros to be a very middle of the pack product. On the one hand, it was fairly effective. On the other hand though, we felt that it did not have the longest duration as compared to other products. Some of us were split on the smell on whether we liked it or not, but at the end of the day this product just didn’t do anything for us. We recommend trying this product if you are looking for something new to try. If you are looking for a proven effective pheromone cologne, we advise you to keep looking.

Description Of Features:

Scent of Eros does what it claims to do. While women tend to be more passive when it comes to sparking up conversations they seem to be a bit more open to initiating conversations. Conversations are on a much deeper and more meaningful level for S.o.E. users. I found that because women are much more into what your saying they tend to dead lock right on your eyes. At one point I noticed that when I was talking she was just starring into my eyes as if hypnotized. When I noticed this my chit chat trailed off and she just gave me a huge smile and continued where I had left off.

Who Uses Scent of Eros:

Anyone who wants to get out there and have fun! Especially if you’re not the smoothest guy when it comes to talking the ladies up. This will definitely relax the situation for you, you’ll have more fun, worry less, and focus on her and not any issues. Of course no pheromone cologne can turn women into hypnotized objects of male sexual pleasure. You’ll need to leave your moms basement and explore the world. You’ll need to make an effort to improve your “game”. The cool thing though is that pheromone blends can help you do that. I highly recommend Scent Of Eros for more formal settings — not night clubs or bars. This is a pheromone blend I really like to use on dates. It also seems to work well for work or school settings.


Description of Smell: Scent of Eros has a refreshing "classic musk" smell that's very masculine.

Product Formulation:

Scent of Eros contains the “big 3” pheromones — Androstenol, Androsterone, and Androstenone.

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