by Rogue Male

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  • 10 ML / bottle
  • 5MG of androstenone
  • Lasts 4 – 6 hours
  • Recommended for young men (18 – 35)
  • Recommended for nights out at the bar/club
  • One dimensional (alpha male)
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Aroma……………“Lemon Musk“ C
Duration…………6 hours


Extreme alpha male!


Manufacturer: Rogue Male
Availability: Very limited availability, online only
Product Description:

Rogue is a pheromone cologne that contains Androstenone as its primary pheromone.

Editor’s Description:

This cologne did not have the greatest smell, and it did not produce the greatest effects either. We felt that its lack of pheromones contributed to its lack of success. We recognize that a pheromone colognes perfume is hard to master, but a product that only contains Androstenone can not hardly compete with some of the other products available today. We do not recommend this product to anyone other than someone looking for a very subtle, odd smelling cologne.

Description Of Features:

Rogue is an excellent value because it works well and is relatively inexpensive. Also, based on our testing and statistics, there are plenty of women attracted to the aura Rogue creates for its wearer.


Who Uses Rogue:

Guys who want to go for that extreme alpha vibe. Do you want to feel like a fighter pilot or an NFL quarterback for an evening? If so, this is for you. Otherwise, you might overwhelm your quarry.

Description of Smell: Lemony, tangy musk.

Product Formulation:

Contains 5mg of Androstenone

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