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Pherlure is generally known to be a "scam product" that gives legitimate pheromones a bad name. Read on to find out the truth about Pherlure, and be warned.

  • Light Musk Smell
  • Claimed to last 5 hours
  • Contains Di-Dehydoepiandrosterone Pheromone
  • Recommended For: Guys
  • 1 fl oz Per Bottle
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Aroma……………“Musk“ B+
Duration…………5 hours


“Groomed“- The aroma of Pherlure was refreshing.

Manufacturer: Pherlure
Availability: Only Available Online
Product Description:

Pherlure uses Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone in its formula as its primary active pheromone.

Editor’s Description:

Pherlure, for most people new to the pheromone cologne realm, sounds like it would be a very good product to try. However, this chemical is not proven to be an effective pheromone. We experienced about as much as we had expected; nothing. We were not surprised at all when this dank musky cologne produced no results and threw us completely off of our game. We recommend that you do not use this product, as it is not effective.

Description Of Features:

The pheromone concentrate in this product isn’t a real pheromone concentrate. It will not increase your odds of getting laid.Results. I’m going to credit any gains I had the night I tested Pherlure to my own credit. The only thing I got from Pherlure was a compliment about smelling clean. At least Pherlure smells decent It has a refreshing smell to it. The smell lasts for 5 hours or so. The pheromones aren’t real so they don’t last at all!

Who Uses Pherlure:

Pherlure is a scam product designed to take your money. The pheromone concentrate they claim to be in the product does not exist. They sell you cologne without the pheromones. They profit the difference. Do not buy this unless you really like the smell. If your friends ask you about it tell them to run in the opposite direction.

Description of Smell: Clean smelling musk, just about the only thing to recommend about Pherlure.

Product Formulation:

Di-Dehydoepiandrosterone (not an effective human pheromone)

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