Max Attraction

by Luv Essentials

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Before testing Max Attraction Gold I thought that this product was a scam. The website was poorly designed and lacked a lot of information, which is usually the sign of a scam. I ordered Max Attraction Gold not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised with the results. The following information on this page is everything that is important to know about Max Attraction Gold to make an informed decision.

  • .46 FL OZ per bottle
  • 17.8 MG of pheromone content
  • Requires only 1 spray to be effective for 5 hours
  • Works in every situation/scenario for men to attract women
  • Recommended for men of any age
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Aroma……………“Rosemary Musk“ B
Duration…………5 hours


Max Attraction Gold makes men really stand out by giving them the aura of being exotic and dominant.

  • exotic – you are seen as someone special and different in an attractive way
  • dominant – women will sense that people look up to you

Manufacturer: Luv Essentials
Availability: Online, Amazon
Product Description:

Max Attraction is a pheromone cologne that uses Androstenol, Androstenone, and Androsterone in its formula.

Editor’s Description:

Androstenol, Androstenone, and Androsterone are typically found in the bulk of pheromone colognes, so sometimes it is hard for a product to really stand out and make an impact. However, this product took us pleasantly by surprise. We recommend anyone who is looking for a pheromone to boost their confidence pick this product. It’s long lasting nature is good for that sort of consumer. If you are looking for something that will create more provocative situations with members of the opposite sex, we recommend you keep looking.

Description Of Features:

Max Attraction Goldontains a solid amount of good quality pheromones at 17.8 MG per bottle. With such a potent formula, the women around you you will definitely notice the pheromones. Women really respond well to the pheromone content in Max Attraction Gold. The aura works well to attract many types of women and you can almost play any role (everything from laid back/reserved to very outgoing/in-your-face) and still be seen as attractive

Who Uses Max Attraction:

Anyone looking for a high-end pheromone who has struck out using other formulations should consider Max Attraction Gold. Max Attraction Gold works really well but has a big price tag, a small bottle, and only a slightly above average scent.

Description of Smell: The smell is best desscribed as being cool and refreshing. The last time I wore Max Attraction Gold I actually received a few compliments on how nice my cologne was, but I would not consider this an elite scent.

Product Formulation:

Max Attraction contains androstenol, androstenone, and androsterone in a proprietary formulation.

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