Master Pheromones

by Master Pheromones

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Master Pheromones Cologne for Men is a true pheromone product with a unique and very productive formula. The cologne provides an innovative way of entering man’s sensory barrier and almost immediately elevating his mood, enhancing his arousal, confidence, and attitude.

  • Unique formula, packed with ingredients not seen in other products
  • Customer satisfaction and approval.
  • Extremely romantic vibe and attraction to women.
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Aroma……………“Sandalwood“ C
Duration…………4 Hours hours


  • “Dominance” – be in control of your environment
  • “Authority” – command respect from those around you
  • “Fortitude” – get control of your desires

Manufacturer: Master Pheromones
Availability: Only Available Online
Product Description:

Master Pheromones is a pheromone cologne that does not list their formula publicly.

Editor’s Description:

Master Pheromones is a product that we were initially very impressed by. We saw initial results almost immediately, and when we went to look for the list of pheromones in the formula, we were surprised not to find any. Over time, we found that the pheromones were wearing off faster and faster, and eventually stopped being effective for us. We recommend that anyone purchasing any product, no matter what it is, knows what it has in it before they make a purchase. Since we do not know which pheromones are in it, we cannot recommend this product to anyone.

Description Of Features:

Romantic, sensual encounters have derived nearly daily for me. I enjoy going out every night and experiencing romantic feelings with someone special.

Who Uses Master Pheromones:

I have always considered myself a “ladies man,” but I realized the hard way that you’re not a true “ladies man” until you try pheromone cologne. Being comfortable and open with girls came much more natural to me, which is exactly the purpose of pheromones. I was confident and strong, and women ate it up like chocolate.

Description of Smell: Sandalwood and Vanilla

Product Formulation:

Master Pheromones uses a proprietary formula not revealed on their website or in any of their marketing materials. Note that pheromone products do not have to reveal their ingredients.

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