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Impi is a new pheromone on the market made in South Africa.

  • Lasts 3-4 hours
  • 24 ML/Bottle
  • Good balance of pheromones
  • Available in Impi Original (herbal scent)
  • Available in Impi Scented (scents: red dot, yellow dot, silver dot, blue dot)
  • Inexpensive – Great for someone on a budget
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Aroma……………“Herbal“ B
Duration…………3 Hours hours


Although limited by the lack in quality of the pheromone content you can expect to give off an aura of confidence to women.

Manufacturer: Impi
Availability: Available Online
Product Description:

Impi is a pheromone cologne from South Africa that does not list their pheromone formula publicly.

Editor’s Description:

Initially, we were very intrigued at the idea of a pheromone cologne from Africa. However, we were quickly disappointed when it performed just like every other below average cologne that we have reviewed. Its duration and effectiveness were called into question, when we felt like we kept having to put more on to see continually diminishing results. We recommend anyone who can’t afford more expensive products consider this, but know that this is not the most effective of the pheromone colognes.

Description Of Features:

Impi is certainly effective at influencing how women feel about you but not to the degree as the higher end colognes. You can expect the results to be hit or miss and seem not as potent compared to the better products.

Who Uses Impi:

Anyone looking for a decent quality pheromone on a tight budget might want to consider Impi. Honestly I wasn’t impressed with it but as always your mileage may vary. Although Impi does not contain the highest quality artificial pheromones, women will definitely subconsciously feel more attracted to you. Women I have talked to while wearing Impi said they felt attracted to my confidence.

Description of Smell: Impi Original comes in an herbal scent and Impi Scented comes in your choice of “red dot”, “yellow dot”, “silver dot”, or “blue dot”. I tried the original herbal scent.

Product Formulation:

Impi pheromone cologne does not publish its formulation and therefore its pheromone content is not expressly clear.

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