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After reading the ingredients list for Icebreaker on its website, I thought that it had a lot of potential. Based on what I had read, I was expecting some pretty powerful effects. I ordered a bottle fully expecting to add a new regular to my arsenal of pheromone cologne, but unfortunately Icebreaker was a disappointment.

  • Pheromone blend contains 7 pheromones (good combination but not enough of each)
  • Manufacturer does not release quantity of pheromones in product (results show that there is not enough)
  • Horrible Scent
  • Average Results for men of all ages
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Lowest Price: 59.95

Aroma……………“Air Freshener“ F
Duration…………5 hours


It is difficult for themes to develop when there is such a small amount of pheromones, especially when that small amount is scattered between 7 different kinds of pheromones. The noticeable themes are:

  • Exotic” – you are projected as someone who is definitely not mainstream
  • Social” – women will get the sense that you are someone who is fun to be around
  • Trust” – women will feel that you are someone who they can be open with

Manufacturer: Icebreaker
Availability: Only Available Online
Product Description:

Icebreaker is a pheromone cologne that uses Androstenone, Androstanone, Androsterone, Androstenol and Beta Androstenol in its formula.

Editor’s Description:

We initially thought that this product would be extremely potent do to all of the active pheromones this product contains. Imagine our shock when it not only failed to deliver, but it smelt more like Febreeze than anything else. We believe that anyone looking to purchase a serious pheromone cologne not purchase this product.

Description Of Features:

The small amount of pheromones and scent combine to give less than average results attracting women. The formula has a lot of potential to attract women, but without enough pheromone content it really does not make a difference. In terms of the scent, it smells like cheap cologne. This scent is a complete disappointment and a rip off for the price.

At the end of the day we rate pheromones on how well they help attract women. The lack of pheromone content and the poor scent being huge factors, we cannot pass icebreaker. For its price you can find a much better pheromone cologne.

Who Uses Icebreaker:

Anyone who doesn’t really want to meet women should consider Icebreaker! If Icebreaker had a better scent and more of the same pheromones, it would give you a greatly improved chance at attracting women. You can only expect average or worse results from Icebreaker the way it is now.


Description of Smell: Icebreaker has a weird "air freshener" scent that smells like the back of a cab or really cheap cologne. Women will run for the hills when they catch you smelling like this.

Product Formulation:

Icebreaker contains so many pheromones it’s hard to know what each of them is doing. The biggest problem is that these pheromones are included in very low quantities. This is the opposite of what experienced pheromone users are looking for when it comes to developing a theme. Icebreaker  supposedly contains:

  • Androstenone
  • Androstanone
  • Androsterone
  • Androstenol alpha & beta

and four “novel” patent-pending pheromones.

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