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G-Effects is one of the newest companies that has begun to produce attraction pheromone products. With its R&D based out of Israel, there was a lot of curiosity and anticipation surrounding their first product line. Of the three products released in their first line I knew I had to try G-Effects Seduction because it was the most expensive and promised the best results. My experiences with G-Effects Seduction are documented on this page.

  • Unique scent, which can easily spark a conversation
  • Cool bottle
  • One-Dimensional
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Lowest Price: $42.00

Aroma……………“Citrus Musk“ D
Duration…………6 hours


  • Trustworthy” – Women love how they can be themselves around you
  • Charming” – Your demeanor and attitude becomes a huge turn-on

Manufacturer: G-Effects
Availability: Available Online Only
Product Description:

G-Effects is a pheromone cologne that does not list their formula publicly.

Editor’s Description:

We were fairly disappointed in this product. If we had paid more, and the website had made us feel like this was a better product, we probably would have been fairly angry about it. This product does not deliver on multiple fronts. The colognes scent is a very deep musk which is not all that appealing, the results we received were negative, and the product lasted for almost 6 hours (which in this case was more of a cure than a blessing.) We do not recommend that anyone looking for serious results purchase this product, despite its low price point.

Description Of Features:

G-Effects Contains a respectable amount of pheromones per bottle, enough for the pheromones to do their job. G-Effects performs about as well as any cologne with only one pheromone can. The aroma, Citrus musk, is not something you get the chance to smell everyday It’s very different from other pheromone scents, but not necessarily in a bad way. Many women have commented about the scent while I wear it.

Who Uses G-Effects:

Any guys who want to experiment with a focused one-dimensional pheromone should consider G-Effects. While not recommended because of its eccentric scent and the single pheromone it uses to attract women, some guys may still find it effective.

Description of Smell: Citrus Musk

Product Formulation:

G-Effects pheromone cologne is formulated with a single pheromone additive, making it a one-dimensional but “focused” pheromone product.

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