Enhanced Liquid Trust

by Liquid Trust

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If you're looking to get more trust in women and more dates then Liquid Trust may be the pheromone product for you. It creates an atmosphere of trust through Oxytocin. Androstenonone creates an overwhelmingly masculine and dominant environment in which women will be submissive to and create the feeling of trust for the user.

  • Makes you seem dominant and women become more submissive.
  • Give an enhanced aura of trust and protection.
  • Great dating pheromone especially after the first date.
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Aroma……………“N/A“ N/A
Duration…………4 hours


  • ““Comforting” – women will feel comfortable with you and be themselves
  • “Trustworthy” – your strong yet casual demeanor will make women feel protected and happy to be approaching you
  • “Dominant” – you will have something about you that the other men around you don’t and women love this

Manufacturer: Liquid Trust
Availability: Only available online
Product Description:

Enhanced Liquid Trust is a pheromone cologne that utilizes Androstenone as the primary pheromone in its formula.

Editor’s Description:

This cologne felt very heavy handed to us, as its formula incorporates a large amount of Androstenone. We felt as though this product designed to increase confidence in more of a casual setting, did not do as great a job as we had hoped. We were also fairly dissapointed at how long it lasted. We recommend that if you are looking for a cologne to boost your casual social interactions, give this a try. If you are looking for more serious results, please consider other pheromone colognes.

Description Of Features:

Who Uses Enhanced Liquid Trust:

Enhanced Liquid Trust is a heavy androstenone product. This is generally recommended for men but can be used in extremely small amounts by women. 

Description of Smell: Enhanced Liquid Trust does not contain a scent.

Product Formulation:

Enhanced liquid trust uses an a heavy androstenone pheromone to increase trust and attraction.

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