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Chikara is an odd offering in the pheromone world; it's a high-end pheromone that was formulated for beginners and people who didn't want to put too much "thought" into their pheromone choices. The end result is an advanced pheromone formulation that isn't as accessible for beginners are the manufacturers would hope. I myself found the amount of female attention too overwhelming and preferred something more subtle and less mentally confusing.

  • Light Vanilla Smell (Unscented Available)
  • Pheromones Lasts Around 4-6 Hours
  • Balance of Androstenol, Androstenone, Androsterone
  • Recommended For: Most Guys (see themes)
  • 10 ML Concentrate Per Bottle
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Aroma……………“Classic Musk“ A
Duration…………5 Hours hours


  • ““Exotic”- Makes you stand out from every other guy in the room. You are fresh and new compared to the rest.
  • “Cool” – Makes you seem calm. Reduces social anxiety.
  • “Approachable” – Some guys who are too “cool” often intimidate girls. Helps eliminate over intimidation.
  • “Ice Breaker” – Social exchanges are vital. Helps establish trust factor faster.
  • “Trust” – Women will feel more trust in you. Can help bring her home.

Manufacturer: Chikara
Availability: Available online only
Product Description:

Chikara is a pheromone cologne that contains Androstenol, Androsterone, and Androstenone.

Editor’s Description:

Chikara is a pheromone cologne that utilizes the power of four different pheromones to create a very potent and effective product. The smell can be very overwhelming to the wearer and sometimes creates a feeling of mental fog or dizziness. For such an advanced pheromone with very designed and serious goals, this product does not feel that way to us. We recommend passing on this product and look for a cologne that has more moderate amounts of pheromones.

Description Of Features:

Chikara is a multidemnsional pheromone cologne which means you can use it for many different situations. If Chikara fits your style it can help you meet chicks, get laid, and just have a fun sociable night. The way your social relationships turn out with anyone is based on “the gut feeling” someone has for you. In order to get the chicks you’ve gotta provide them with an amazing all around experience. That means bombarding them with conscious and subconscious clues to influence their decision making. The pheromones in Chikara subconsciously will enhance each part of your social encounter.

Who Uses Chikara:

Chikara is for anyone looking to attract more women. The pheromones in Chikara (3 base pheromones + 4 others) are designed with attracting women in mind. These are the pheromones that are known to illicit certain responses with women and influence their opinions. You’ll want to test out Chikara before making your decision if it’s for you or not. The overall personality that the cologne gives off in its fragrance and pheromones may or may not suit your own style.

  • Improved Eye Contact From Women – If you walk by a chick she may automatically pick up on “you” (the pheromones). This initial experience can lead her into fantasy in which she may extrapolate on this pleasant first encounter.
  • Women Will Approach You More Often – After she’s picked up on you and perhaps has been playin you with eye games she might finally approach you to spark up that initial conversation.
  • Conversations Will Be More Engaging – When you have that initial conversation and you’ve got a straight head you’ll notice her much more into you. Perhaps instead of you akwardly trying to keep the conversation rolling she’ll be a bit more open. The best part of any of my experiences with pheromones is that conversation when you and her are practically on the same page. If this happens you’ve practically sealed the deal because she’s well on her way to trusting you!
  • More Flirting, Kissing, Touching, And Sex – When you finally get down to business and your game is “won” she’s gonna be into you. I mean really into you. She’s going to be passionate about any intimate act she’s really into. That means a more fulfilling and better orgasmic experience in bed!


Description of Smell: Chikara cologne has a musky oriental smell. The oriental accent is created by a light vanilla note. It seems to have a heavier smell in it too which is very light. Perhaps a slight accent of a woody note was included. There’s also an unscented version available which contains just the pheromone mix without the fragrance. I would recommend this if you already have a fragrance you really like to wear.

Product Formulation:

Chikara contains very moderate levels androstenol, androstenone, and androsterone in a unique formulation that includes four “steering” pheromones to help guide attraction.

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