Alter Ego

by Alter Ego

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Alter Ego is a solidly middle-of-the-pack pheromone product. It is neither highly effective nor completely useless; the scent is neither attractive nor objectionable. It comes with a high premium, and I suggest if you are interested in a pheromone product that you ignore this one in favor others.

  • Average, but not overwhelming, cologne smell.
  • Women will interact more and increase flirting
  • Great for dating; really opens things up and females to connect on a deeper level.
  • Not recommend for day game and "one night stands"
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Aroma……………“Musky odor“ B
Duration…………4 hours


  • Stable — makes women feel that you are reliable
  • Comfort — makes women more comfortable around you
  • Friendly — makes you seem like an open, sincere person
  • Passion — adds a little “spice” to your personality

Manufacturer: Alter Ego
Availability: Available Online Only
Product Description:

Alter Ego is a balanced pheromone cologne product that contains androstenone, androstenol, androsterone.

Editor’s Description:

Alter Ego is a fairly average pheromone cologne. It’s smell is neither attractive nor objectionable. We did not experience any negative results while using it, but did not experience many positive ones to speak of either. It is neither effective nor useless. It just exists in the realm of average. We recommend that anyone looking for a serious or effective pheromone cologne continue their search and leave this product by the wayside.

Description Of Features:

If you want to get women to notice a bit more than this is the perfect pheromone product. It is balanced in regards to its ingredients and the scent is not overwhelming at all. It does not have the smell of cheap cologne but rather a more eccentric smell that can be overpowering to some.

Who Uses Alter Ego:

You’ll find women approaching you much more so, increased eye contact, winks, and smiles. You’ll find women much more open and joyful. This is a good pheromone to use if your interested in nabbing a date or for long term dating. It builds a sense of trust and comfort women enjoy when dating a man.


Description of Smell: Alter Ego has a muted, musky smell with slight chemical notes.

Product Formulation:

Alter ego contains andrestenol, androsterone, and androstenone in normal levels.

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