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by Alpha 7
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I really wanted to try Alpha-7 for a while but never really got around to it. A few weeks ago I finally had the opportunity to give it a field test. It’s one of the most well-regarded pheromone blends so I'm sure you want to know what results you can get from it.
  • Contains Heavy Androsterone Content (6mg)
  • Pheromones last around 5ish hours.
  • Contains Two Pheromones
  • 10 ml package
  • Recommended Use: For Males Looking For Dominant Aura
  • Recommended Age: Perfect For Any Age
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Aroma……………“Musk“ B
Duration…………6 Hours hours


  • Alpha-Male“- An aura about you suggests your challenge to be the alpha male of the pack. Creates desire in women.
  • Dominance – Both male and females will give more respect to you. Can result in intimidating shy women. Must be on your best pickup game.
  • Exotic – Strong musk (ylang ylang oil) makes this a desired and unique scent. Covers up undesired Androsterone smell.

Manufacturer: Alpha 7
Availability: Only Available Online
Product Description: I suppose that would depend primarily if Alpha-7 meets your style and theme requirements. Alpha-7 is good for those who would like to display more dominance but have the backbone to handle this. One cannot be a timid scrawny white nerdy kid and expect people to take him seriously with Alpha-7. Why is this the case? Because instead of having the desired effect it will simply confuse people. Your image must match your scent. That being said, if you possess the characteristics of a dominant male but need a little more enhancement then Alpha – 7 is the right pheromone cologne for you and will most definitely make them ladies turn their heads.
Editor’s Description: Alpha 7 is a unique pheromone in that it is more selectively geared towards male who need an enhancement to their masculinity and dominance. You’ll notice women and men being both more respectful to you. You’ll notice that women are more sexually attracted to your aura of alpha dominance.

Description Of Features:

The worst thing about Alpha 7 is the duration. I noticed Alpha 7 to begin fading after about 4 hours and by hour 5 it was time to put on another application. In terms of theme choice, a pheromone cologne’s theme depends what sort of “feelings” are created. We define theme as the emotional touchy-feely things we would use to describe fine art or wine. Alpha-7 creates a theme of alpha male dominance for the user. Women find the aura of the Alpha Male very sexy. This is true in evolutionary terms because women will also seek out the fittest male for reproductive purposes. It is innate in their blood to seek this out. That’s why so many women go out with the jocks in high school. Overall, if you’re in need of the aura of dominance enhancement then Alpha 7 is definitely effective. I definitely got that dominant feeling right away from wearing it. It even made me seem to act a little more aggressively.

Who Uses Alpha 7:

Need something to help you seem a bit more dominant? Want to be on the level to successfully compete as the alpha male? For what Alpha 7 was made for the results are absolutely fantastic. Worth trying if you think you can handle it!

Description of Smell: Alpha 7 scented contains an aroma of musk. The musk is especially useful for covering up the high concentrate of androsterone. People smell the “physical” smell of Androstenol. It’s very much important in my opinion that in case some people find the “physical” smell repulsive the musk will mask any order and only focus on the subconscious properties of the pheromones.

Product Formulation:

Alpha 7 contains 6mg of Androsterone and an additional dose of androstenone.

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