Comparison of Top Pheromone Products
The information below is based on a survey of over 1,200 pheromones users. That data, along with an assortment of experimental research has culminated in the creation of this chart and the ranking of over 50 pheromone products currently on the market.

Attraction is a science and selecting the right product means choosing a formulation that is not only proven effective, but is also in-line with how you will be using it. The use of synthetic human pheromones will dramatically increase your ability to attract the opposite sex but many products contain little to no effective ingredients. While others contain so much that it can confuse the attraction target. The chart below compares our top 5 pheromone product choices and presents the data used to determine their respective ranks.


best-treatments  edge-up cologne  pherazone cologne max attract gold

alpha dream by alfa maschio

 chikara pheromone cologne



Max Attraction

Alpha Dream


Effectiveness: Very Somewhat Somewhat Somewhat Somewhat
Best For All Around Daytime Attraction Night Attraction Night Attraction Night Attraction
Speed of Results Fastest Average Average Faster Slowest
Success Rate 97.8% 78.2% 93% 93% 89%
Editor Rating: 10/10 8/10 6.5/10 6.5/10 6/10
Avg. User Rating: 96.1% 72.6% 71.2% 69.3% 61.1%
Return Policy: Risk Free Risk Free Risk Free Risk Free N/A
Customer Service: Best Good Good Good Average
Advice and Responsiveness: 10/10 7/10 7/10 6/10 4/10
Price: 99.95 89.95 69.95 69.95 59.95
Ingredient Quality: Excellent OK Average Average Unkown

Edge Up


Max Attraction

Alpha Dream


The above products represent the best offerings on the market today for pheromone colognes. We have also tested pheromone perfumes to find the top pheromone perfume products available now. If you are a woman looking for a high-quality pheromone perfume, or a man who wants to get an exciting gift for a friend or partner, then check out our perfume comparison.

Product Overviews

Best Pheromone Colognes (in order of overall score):

#1 Edge Up

#1 Edge Up– More Information


Editor’s Summary: EdgeUp Pheromone Cologne challenges you to  “to turn meet ups into hook ups” and is a relative new-comer on the pheromone scene. We couldn’t help but be impressed by the outpouring of support for EdgeUp in our user survey. All evidence seems to support the claim that EdgeUp contains the most sophisticated attraction formula on the market today. The formulation contains a synthetic pheromone blend which is recognized for its ability to suite the majority of social situations and attraction needs. The combination system effectively attracts a wide variety of female personality types and ethnicities.

We found this proprietary blend to be almost 20% more effective than other products at creating interest in attraction targets and 10% more effective at meeting attraction ‘goals’ with interested targets.

“We truly believe that EdgeUp is different from the vast majority of available pheromone products and will lead the way in a new field of emerging products eager to replicate EdgeUp’s current effectiveness superiority.” –Louis Francis, Sweden’s Society of Human Attraction Research A.D.A.

If you are eager to try pheromones for the first time or are an experienced user of pheromones we agree with EdgeUp’s manufacturer ‘CharmPros, Inc.’ that this is currently the best pheromone product available.

  • Value: EdgeUp presents significant value as it offers the highest likelihood of attraction success available on the market today. It is our top choice.
  • Overall: Given its track record of success, superior formulation, incredible customer service, and 60 day guarantee we recommend EdgeUp as our #1 pheromone product pick.

#2 Pherazone

#2 Pherazone – More Information


Editor’s Summary: For over 3 years Pherazone was our top treatment pick on PheromonesGuru. It is a very solid product with a strong history of effectiveness. It has one of the best combinations of pheromones and scents.

The only negative quality we can point to with Pherazone is that its formula has not been updated to include advances in pheromone synthetics – and that is reflected in its price. We believe strongly that Pherazone is a good choice for people who are eager to try pheromones for the first time.  It won’t be the best, but it should do the trick.

  • Value: Pherazone is a powerful product and provides great ‘bang for your buck’.
  • Overall: We do not believe Pherazone is the most effective product on the market but it stands as a close second. And with over 100 pheromone products on the market 2nd place is not bad at all!


#3 Max Attraction Gold

#3 Max Attraction Gold – More Information


Editor’s Summary: Max Attraction Gold is manufactured by a company best known for its frangrence products. It offers an effective combination of pheromones, many of which have been proven effective on their own. It is clear that the makers of Max Attraction Gold have done their research and their product has appeared to be more powerful than the vast majority of other options.

We hesitate to endorse Max Attraction Gold further for the following reasons:

1) At their premium cost more effective products are available.

2) Max Attraction Gold manufacturer, “LuvEssencials” has a reputation for intrusive marketing tactics.

  • Value: Max Attraction Gold presents a high likelihood of working but for the price we would recommend exploring superior options.
  • Overall: If you are comfortable with intrusive marketing tactics and a premium price Max Attraction Gold is a solid pheromone product.

#4 Alpha Dream

#4 Alpha DreamMore Information




Editor’s Summary: Unlike its name implies, Alpha Dream is not a dream product for attracting women – yet it has proven to be quite effective. Over 30% of users report some positive experiences with Alpha Dream and while that is not the best it is better than the vast majority of alternative treatments.


  • Value: While Alpha Dream is seen as somewhat effective there are no special pheromones included to justify its high price.
  • Overall: For those looking to avoid complicated formulations this is a great way to use synthetic pheromones “naturally”.

#5 Chikara

#5 ChikaraMore Information




Editor’s Summary: The Chikara brand is one of the most developed in the Pheromone Cologne space. It can be trusted as safe and gentle before all else. For those with an extremely sensitive sense of smell we found Dermisil to be the preferred product.

  • Value: While not the most effective, Chikara offers a cost-effective pheromone product that is best suited for sensitive/delicate types.
  • Overall: If you worry about your scent being too strong we recommend Chikara.



Creating a product comparison table for Pheromone Colognes a difficult task. Even after 4 years of running PeheromonesGuru it was not until Mid-2012 that we felt confident enough in our data to present the table you see above. If you have any questions or would like to discuss our information in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us at

For more information on the recommended process of using Pheromones view our Pheromone Attraction Guide.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you surrounded by beautiful women next summer.