Buy Best Quality Pheromones

Before you decide which pheromones product to buy (and where) you should think about the purchase you’re about to make. First, why are you buying pheromones? There are different pheromones for different occasions. Meeting women in a night club might call for one pheromone product, while impressing your boss with your confidence and work ethic would call for an entirely different pheromone blend. Choose the right pheromone for the right situation and you’ll be off to a good start.

  • Pheromone Content:

How a pheromone works all depends on the blend of pheromone content. The blend in the cologne will work best in certain environment and best on a certain type of person. Before you buy anything make sure what your getting works with your personality and tastes.

  • Length Of Effectiveness:

The best pheromone colognes on the market are usually effective for 4-6 hours. Products that last less than that are nowhere near as enjoyable. First, you are going to run out much more quickly, and on the long nights out if you want to continue to see the benefits of the pheromones then you are going to have to reapply the pheromones.

  • Scent:

Some scents just don’t work with certain people. Does a fruity smell go with a biker or a tough guy? Make sure the scent fits your personality. Unscented pheromones are also available if you already have a signature cologne or scent. While every pheromone does have a specific smell, which is how it elicits an emotional/intellectual response in the opposite sex, using your traditional cologne with unscented pheromones will by no means decrease the effect of pheromones. Our recommendation is that you use a combination cologne/pheromone product, but an unscented mixture might be right for you as well.

  • Money-Back Guarantee:

Why risk your money when you don’t have to? You are never going to know if you like a pheromone cologne unless you have tried it. With a guarantee you can try any pheromone risk free. Additionally, merchants that don’t stand behind their products should not be trusted. Always look for a money-back guarantee when choosing a pheromone (or any other) product and look at their return policy.