Women’s Pheromones

Published December 31st, 2013 | By Dan Carson

The science and study of attraction through pheromones is relatively young.  Pheromones are chemical secretions that have been proven to influence the behavior of a species.  In human beings tears, saliva, and perspiration produce chemicals that can influence the perception of others, and although full understanding of how they work has only recently come to light people have relied upon them since the beginning of time for the furtherance of the species and for social interaction.  Corporations picked up on it and started infusing them into perfumes and deodorants that would give consumers an edge in social settings and relationships.

How does the chemistry of attraction work?

Back in 1998 a discovery was made when Dr. Martha McKlintock uncovered evidence that there were definite chemical signals between people, and later Dr David Berliner, the CEO of Pherin Pharmaceuticals and a purported expert in the field of chemical signals, backed up her findings stating that they corroborated that pheromones do exist and that men and women do communicate with each other through chemistry.  Certain pheromones detected by the vomeronasal organ or VMO tend to activate the hypothalamus to influence an individual’s perception.  These naturally occurring chemical secretions occur in both males and females of the species, yet they are often washed away through bathing or changing clothes, and the amount of pheromones an individual produces decreases with age.  Retailers have picked up on that and have formulated a remedy. Corporations have begun to manufacture women’s perfumes as well as men’s colognes in various pheromone combinations
Is there convincing evidence that pheromones work?

If an individual Googles the word pheromones she will find a wealth of information as well as discovering that there are different schools of thought concerning the chemical messages of pheromones.  However, different news agencies and media corporations have had positive things to say about their effectiveness.  Some have even conducted experiments of their own.  A CNN study reported proof that they do work.  MSNBC has published reports as well.  ABC has looked into their effectiveness and Time Magazine has reported on it.   Even the respected WebMD and the educational Discovery Health have looked into the study.  Although there are varying degrees of thought there is a lot of positive evidence that they do work.

So what chemical formulations occur in women and what types of pheromone products are available?
Androstadienone has been called the “love pheromone” because of its ability to attract others to the wearer, and strengthen romantic feelings.  Estratraenol is a product of the estrogen estradiol.  It is purported to strengthen relationships by elevating the moods of individuals and creating a more personable atmosphere where positive social interaction can thrive.  Copulins are produced and secreted during ovulation encouraging men to desire more intimacy and can also dramatically increase testosterone levels.  Oxytocin is a pheromone that serves as a neurotransmitter to the brain, conducting chemical messages and otherwise affecting the moods of surrounding individuals to increase the level of bonding by encouraging social interaction and positive feelings.  Androstenol is a pheromone found in the human sweat glands.  It has been synthesized into two different versions Alpha and Beta-Androstenol.  Alpha-Androstenol emits a powerful appealing aura along with a sense of youthful vigor, vitality, and health.  Beta-Androstenol is similar to the Alpha version and compliments it by encouraging deeper levels of bonding and communication.  Androstenone is a pheromone that projects an aggressive aura that demands respect from surrounding individuals, creating a tension that serves to strengthen the desire to bond.

Where can one go if she desires an edge to attract members of the opposite sex?
Pheromone products such as perfumes, body sprays, massage oils, and conditioners cannot always be purchased at just any retail outlet, but there is a strong pheromone market online where she can buy what she needs that have products for women as well as men.

  • Lovescent.com is one of the largest retailers of pheromone products and offers a 100% money back guarantee.
  • SpellboundRX.com offers consumers the chance to decide on different pheromone formulations in a combination with alluring fragrances,
  • Truepheromones.com also produces pheromone products and fragrances.
  • PheromonesGuru.com is currently the top resource for information and reviews on consumer pheromone products.

Pheromones are a strong component in the science of attraction and pheromone products and perfumes aid in strengthening the chemical pheromone signals in women.