Where To Buy Pheromone Cologne

Published January 14th, 2014 | By Dan Carson

One has to admit that in the beginning stages relationships can be stressful. In relationships first impressions can make or break what one is trying to build. One begins to wish there was some special formula that could give them that added spark they need to strengthen that chemistry between two people. The truth is that scientists and researchers are only now beginning to see that there is much more to attraction than just a pretty face and a flutter of the heart. Physical attraction is no longer viewed as being solely in the area of sociology, but chemistry plays a major role as well. For decades scientists have known that there was some chemical connection that led animal behavior in mate choice, but only recently has the study of human pheromones and the role they play been seriously studied and reported.

What are human pheromones and how do they work?

Pheromones are chemical secretions in tears, perspiration, and saliva that can frequently be washed away after being produced. In fact there is a story told about how Napoleon wrote a letter to his wife telling her not to bathe before he got home. But instead of telling an individual not to shower to attract members of the opposite sex they have begun producing products such as deodorants, perfumes and colognes laced with various pheromone combinations to be used much as a woman would use her own perfumes or makeup to prepare for social situations. Androstenol is a pheromone found in human sweat glands and can be synthesized into two versions Alpha-Androstenol and Beta-Androstenol. Alpha-Androstenol creates an aura of youthful vitality and health strengthening attraction and the sense that the wearer is more approachable. Beta-Androstenol compliments the Alpha version encouraging a deeper level of communication and bonding. Androstenone projects an aggressive aura that warrants respect from others. Androstadienone has been called the “love pheromone” and encourages an elevation in mood, comfort, intimacy, and increased sexual attraction. Estratraenol is a derivative of the estrogen estradiol and it is purported to create a softer and gentler mood and atmosphere for the further development of relationships. Oxytocin is a pheromone that serves as a neurotransmitter, sending messages directly to the brain that encourages social interaction and positive feelings toward an individual. Oxytocin pheromones are believed to strengthen bonding between couples and create feelings of trust that can encourage intimacy between people. Copulins are secreted during ovulation to encourage intimacy and have been known to increase testosterone levels in men.

What do scientists and researchers have to say? What reports back them up?

When the science behind the power of pheromones began to be understood the news media took notice. Some even conducted pheromone experiments of their own to determine the amazing truth that human pheromones can drastically improve an individual’s social standing. News agencies like CNN and MSNBC have reported stories of their effectiveness, and the highly respected WebMD where many turn for their personal health questions backs up the report. Discovery Health which is respected for its educational value has reported the story as have media such as MTV. With so many respected agencies reporting on them is their any more question as to the value, the strength, and the science behind human attraction and pheromones.

Where can someone go for more information and to purchase pheromone products and colognes?

The study of pheromones and the science behind them is still in the early stages of study, so if one wants to purchase pheromone colognes he or she cannot just go to any local retailer to find a quality product. But a Google search of pheromone colognes will turn up a wealth of information.