What Women Want In A Man

Published June 3rd, 2014 | By Dan Carson

Beautiful women look for a number of things in men. Every woman has her own likes and dislikes, but there are some things that almost all women find attractive, including a man’s smell, or pheromones, as well as his appearance, confidence and social status. And above all, all women, including the most beautiful women, look for men who are respectful and treat them they way they want to be treated.


Studies show that pheromones are critical in human sexual behavior and reproduction. While the scent of a man attracts women on a more subconscious level, it attracts them nonetheless. Women smell pheromones through their olfactory system and then the scent passes into their hypothalamus, which connects the nervous system to the systems that produce hormones. These pheromones also increase a woman’s heart rate and release female sex hormones. Beautiful women are especially attracted to men who smell clean, have fresh breath, and who produce desirable male pheromones.


Note: Appearance does not mean good looks. Think about it; some major movie stars are not good-looking. In fact, they could be considered downright ugly because of their overly large noses, protruding foreheads, misshapen features, or more. However, because of their appearance, or how they present themselves to others, they are considered very, very attractive. Appearance includes the way a man walks, stands straight, gestures, and dresses. Neatly dressed men often attract beautiful women because they give an air of success and confidence, as well as present themselves with a sense of style.


No matter what a man does for a living or how he dresses, confidence is very important. Confidence attracts great prospects, whether high-paying career options or beautiful women. However, don’t confuse confidence with snobbery. Confidence is successfully portrayed by friendly, secure individuals. Beautiful women don’t want to date a man who talks badly about others, complains incessantly and is rude to waiters or other people who work in the service industry. Instead, beautiful women are attracted to men who are friendly to everyone, compose themselves well in even the most stressful of situations and maintain a positive outlook on life at all times.

Social Status

A man with high social status attracts beautiful women because the status portrays his ability to gain respect from others. This does not mean he has to be rich; on the contrary, struggling men can achieve high social status through their talents and their intelligence. For example, an artist may hobnob with very elite socialites because of his incredible artistic talent. A well-educated man might inspire lively conversations with other intelligent people because of what he knows. Regardless of the amount of money he has, beautiful women are attracted to men who maintain interesting social circles. Beautiful women are also attracted to men who maintain lifelong friendships; this shows the man values friendship.


A man who respects women is especially sexy; while it may be a woman’s deep inner desire to date a “bad boy,” she still wants that bad boy to treat her with respect. In fact, the best “bad boys” are those that may put on a rough and tough face to everyone else but never to his beloved girlfriend or wife. At home, he respects her and honors her for loving and supporting him. Men who respect women have a chivalrous side that never goes out of style; beautiful women are attracted to men who do things like hold the door open for them and court them with flowers and fancy dinners.

Good looks and wealth do not always matter; a man must present himself well, including being well-dressed, respectful and confident, as well as give off those all-important pheromones, and he can attract even the most beautiful of women.