Types of Pheromones for Men to Attract Women

Published April 22nd, 2014 | By Dan Carson

Pheromones are made up of human chemical compounds, that are routinely released by both women and men. Male pheromones are powerful secretions – most notably known by these names: Androstenol, Androstenone and Androsterone. Each has been influential in terms of influencing certain behaviors, particularly on an attraction or sexual level and each one has its own level of dominance associated with it.

Below is some information that explains how these very powerful male pheromones generally work in the attraction arena. PheromonesGuru sets out to explore the factors that make pheromones so powerful for men.

Androstenol Male Pheromones
Often referred to as Nol, the Androstenol male pheromone increases sexual attractiveness to men. This is one of the male pheromones that creates the presumption of friendliness, or a situation where it is safe to approach. The impression when this hormone is released is that it can make whomever wears it seem far less intimidating or much more approachable than they may actually be. Androstenol is considered a good male pheromone for those who are rather opinionated, more intimidating than usually, or very talkative. This pheromone creates a safer environment where the people will not be as skittish and will actually feel a lot more relaxed. This could be a very good tactic when meeting new people. It can allow the person emitting it to chat and flirt. Products containing the Androstenol pheromone are known to cause increased communication and friendliness from both sexes. Used as an “ice-breaker,” this human pheromone can also increase sexual attractiveness. It is also very good for situations where small talk and mingling are expected and important – to create the best impressions for both males and females.

Androstenone Male Pheromones
Sometimes abbreviated to None – this alpha male pheromone has a very dominant effect. Its aggressive aura makes the person emitting it harder to ignore. It helps get people noticed by creating a presence. Those who have it or use it can get attention without very much effort. It is suggested to wear the best clothes and attend social gatherings, parties or clubs for best results. This male hormone is also known to increase sexual tension and vibes. This is because sexual tension is usually associated with the alpha male. The aura of Androstenone is very confident and aggressive, qualities that are considered very attractive to women on a biological level. It evokes a mature, self-assured, powerful stance that inspires sexual chemistry. Most of the pheromone infused colognes available on the market will contain Androstenone as a primer, since it is thought to actually have the greatest affect on overall female behavior.

The Science Behind Male Pheromones
Females generally have a natural attraction to male pheromones due to a biological preference for mating with powerful males, because they offer a genetic advantage when it comes to the offspring that are produced. Animals rely on these hormonal chemical cues that relay information concerning genetic health and social status in potential mates. Studies have also concluded that dominant male hormones cause mice hormonal changes in female brains which stimulate neurogenesis. This stimulates the olfactory memories, which creates new cells, which play a role in mating behavior. Researchers have found that female exposure to male pheromones have also served to cause a shift in blood levels. For example, reproductive hormones have been affected such that they might surge at other times than just before ovulation, which is the most customary time. When exposed to male extracts, women have reported feeling more relaxed and less tense, which suggests that dominating biological factors are actually soothing, on a physical level.

Androsterone Male Pheromones
Referred to as Rone this male pheromone creates an attractive level of masculinity and male dominance, without the aggressive attributes of Androstenone. This human hormone also accelerates safety, reliability and protection that is usually associated with more peaceful alpha males. Because of this, it is a good method for breaking the ice, starting conversations, general flirting and connecting. Androsterone also provides an acceptable alpha male aura without so much of the usual aggressiveness. A much more relaxed and courteous stance is sensed. The vibe is that this is someone very masculine, yet very reliable and extremely safe. Those emitting Androsterone flirt easily, since it provides a level of trust that women usually feel very comfortable responding to. As such, it allows for easier and smoother communication for a greater connection The Androsterone pheromone is sometimes explained to be a mixture of Androstenone and Androstenol since it has both dominant attributes, as well as more confidence tendencies. However, while it is very subtle, it is still quite powerful. Through experience, some people have reported that the Androsterone male pheromone can enhance or increase the message that other pheromones that are also present may be signaling. Thus, a more potent mix is even more powerful and effective than on an individual basis.