Pheromones on Date Night

Published March 11th, 2014 | By Dan Carson

Many people have the preconceived notion that pheromone products are only for single people.  However, this is not true.  Couples can benefit greatly from the use of pheromones as well.  Although your purpose maybe a bit different your basic goal of getting more “action” is still the same.

Here are some tips to use in preparation of your “date night.”  Weather it be a new relationship, first date or long term, preparation will make for a memorable night for both of you.

Start you morning by sending a short email, text or leaving a little note somewhere.  Just let them know you’re looking forward to your date with them.
Use a soft scented moisturizing body wash that makes you feel sexy and yes this works for guys too.  There are now wonderfully scented men body washes on the market. So please, don’t use dove or whatever your wife, girlfriend or sister has in the shower, women like manly scents.

Take extra care to groom your self that morning.  If you typically don’t wear make-up, put a little on today.  Take extra care when shaving this morning, paying attention to detail so that this evening you still look sharp.

Wear something sexy under your regular clothes.  Yes!  Men can wear sexy undergarments too.  Basically, wear a nice pair of boxer, or boxer briefs, leave the tighty-whiteys in the dresser today.

Use your imagination and visualize your date and the sweet dessert to follow.  If you can see it, it will be.

Flirt with your date via text messages or if it’s an established relationship participate in a little sexting.  Send sexy picture of your legs in some heels or a head shot that shows just a bit of cleavage.  Use your imagination, but remember don’t do anything that would be embarrassing if you sent it to the wrong person.  Sometimes you never know where picture messages end up.

In the evening right before your date, freshen up and apply your pheromones.  Use small dabs on the inside of your wrist, elbows and behind the knees.  Your body also produces it’s own pheromones.  So to get the maximum affect, don’t cover them up.  Now your ready for your date.  Smile, walk with confidence and enjoy your evening.