Pheromones In The Media

Published February 25th, 2014 | By Dan Carson

The secret is out! Science has finally found a way to put “sex” in a bottle. The physical attraction that exists between men and women can be enhanced even more with the use of genetically engineered sexual Pheromones. Humans are just now realizing what cavemen and animals have known all along, that odors attract.

Yes it is a well known fact that men and women are attracted to each others body scent. This amazing oil based product is making headlines all over the world. Pheromones in the media is well talked about news on television and radio. There have been stories on the effects of this pheromone cologne on popular television shows like 20/20 and Dateline.

Newspaper stands across the country have been flooded with stories that are associated with the discovery of this powerful sexual producing agent. The body produces this substance naturally, but with the use of daily personal hygiene aids and perfumes the scent gets lost during the course of the day. Now science has found a way to keep the scent alive.

The effects of the product can be read about inside the cover of various magazines. The product can be purchased on line at participating stores. It is available in the cologne scent for men or the perfume scent for women, and it contains no alcohol. This secret is one that everyone wants a piece of. Its popularity and discovery will be shared and talked about for years.