How to Use Pheromones

Published February 11th, 2014 | By Dan Carson

Pheromones are the natural chemicals which animals produce that can effect the behavior of other animals who are in the same species, including insects. Usually found in sweat and other secretions, these hormone like formulations are categorized as agents that can alter certain behaviors motivated by attraction and sexuality. In addition, apart from sexual behavior, they have the ability to trigger other quite a few other kinds of behavior in animals of the same species.

Pheromone Trigger Factors

The first pheromone was reportedly identified in 1953 as Bombykol – a female moth secretion for the purpose of attracting males. It was also found through experiments that pheromone signals may travel over vast distances, regardless of their concentration level.
Unlike other hormones, the pheromone is an ectohormone that works outside of the individual’s physical body and impacts certain specific behaviors by other individuals. In contrast, hormones generally affect only the individual who happens to be secreting those substances.
Secreted pheromones can trigger a variety of kinds of behaviors, such as: danger, sexual arousal, following food trails, instructing insects to lay eggs at a different location, bond between members of a species and to protect a territory.
The pheromone is often used as part of an insect control scheme – since they can bait and attract males. The offending insects are then trapped and prevented from mating, or disoriented enough to distract them into what could be a fatal situation.
Human Pheromone Types
There are four basic types of human pheromones that are released:

  • Releaser pheromones are usually connected to sexual attraction and provoke immediate responses that are reliable and quick.
  • The primer pheromone usually takes a little longer to achieve a response. They are known to influence reproductive and physiological factors such as puberty, female menstrual cycles, and pregnancy processes and development. They can also alter hormonal levels for both males and females. Scientific studies have shown that when some female mammals have become pregnant and were then exposed to another male’s primer pheromones, they might spontaneously abort a fetus.
  • The signaler pheromone provides information for the genetic odor print. For example, they may assist a mother so that she can recognize by scent, such as her newborn. This is an attribute that fathers cannot generally accomplish.
  • The modulator pheromone is usually found in sweat, and can either alter bodily functions or synchronize them, such as with the female menstrual cycle. It has also been found in scientific experiments that when placed on the upper lip of a female, this pheromone can cause the female to become much more relaxed, usually because it creates an aura of safety and protection.

Choosing Human Pheromones

Those who decide to purchase human pheromones may first wonder if they could actually be effective for them. Think about what factors are motivating the purchase. Review studies to find out about effectiveness.
Once the purpose behind using the pheromones is determined, it is possible to find the best ones that will be suitable.
There are some pheromone companies that make claims about their uses. Understand that each type of pheromone may have a different effect. Study how they are used and find companies that have good reputations to get the best products. For example, some human pheromones can elicit attraction, to provide an advantage in social situations like job interviews and to enhance relationships overall.
To get the best human pheromone products, they need to come from the most reliable sources. The highest quality products should be found. Find companies that offer money back guarantees. View customer comments from websites about types of pheromone and the companies that sell them. Read the commentaries to find out which ones work the best and in which ways. This is the most productive way to find out about the best products that may be purchased.

Getting Results

In order to get the best results possible from human pheromones, it is necessary to learn about how to use them first. Become aware of the different techniques and types to use. Read how customers use the products for the desired results they want. Try to find the highest quality products that have the most powerful effects.
Usually, a pheromone product should only require that a small amount be used. Begin with just a few drops or sprays. Make a note of any changes in behavior that you notice around you when you wear them. Increase the drops or sprays slowly, over the course of at least a week initially.

human pheromonesWork up to the amount that offers the most desired results. Be sure to make notes each time the pheromones are used, from what kind, to amount to time and day and situation. Once the best amount to use is found, write it down for reference so that the information can continue to be available. For the most current reviews of pheromone products available continue to visit.