How to Make Girls Want to Kiss You

Published May 20th, 2014 | By Dan Carson

There she is!  Your heart speeds up each and every time you see her, but the question is does she notice you?  Most women are very smart when it comes to men.  It’s a fact that they can pick up the smallest hint when a man flirts even a little.  It’s almost as though they have a sixth sense.

So, if you’re shy and don’t want to just come out and kiss her…how are you going to let her know that you want to?  I mean, you can’t just walk up to a girl and smack her square on the lips, can you? Because, if you do, I’m sure she’ll run away from you rather than run into your arms.

The thing about a girls is, that if she likes you, she becomes touchy-feely.  When there’s electricity in the air between the two of you, you’ll notice that she will touch your arm or face when she’s talking to you.  It’s a girl thing.  That’s when you might have a chance to lean in and kiss her.  If she responds favorably, then seal the deal!

However, if none of the above works, use Pheromones

Now on top of your mind swimming with the thoughts of kissing her, you’re wondering what in heaven’s name are Pheromones?

In layman’s terms, Pheromones are a naturally occurring hormone that a man produces. Women easily pick up on this, but only subliminally.  It’s a hormone that naturally attracts women to men, and try as they might, there is no way that they can fight it.  In fact, even the most unappealing male will be an alluring figure.

Talk about a hot item! If you wear traditional colognes, you are already aware of what the scent does when it comes to dating.  The better the scent, the more attracted you are to the women around you. And although that cologne is alluring, pheromones actually communicate with women on a whole different level

So, what if you can apply pheromones just like you would cologne? That girl you are so attracted to will turn her head and look at you.  And because the scent is somewhat potent, you will probably continue wearing your traditional cologne along with it. In essence, when a woman feels she cannot stay away from you, you can thank the pheromones.

You may think you don’t need help in attracting the woman of your dreams, but there is nothing more hurtful than emotional rejection.  So, why fight it?  Why not reach for the stars and get all the help you can get?

The formula behind this is astounding and skeptics can relax because this is absolutely backed up by science, which in turn, backs up these theories.

If you think that the pheromone sensation is restricted only to humans, you couldn’t be more wrong. Actually, all living creatures, including wild animals and even plants in the jungle, use pheromone to safeguard their continual survival.  Every animal from tigers to butterflies emit this hormone.  Any living species that procreate emit this hormone.

The difference is that humans have a capacity to think and to rationalize.  This explains why some people are drawn to another person even if there is a greater percentage that their feelings really don’t coincide with the attraction they are feeling.There is a difference in the desire you will create for the woman of your choice.  Human pheromones enhances the desire, it does not create it.  You do that!

Love is a matter of chemistry, where sex is a matter of physics.