How to Get Friends With Benefits

Published May 6th, 2014 | By Dan Carson

Getting a friend with benefits is not as difficult as it used to be. In fact, many people are looking for ‘no string’ relationships where a commitment is really a bad word. Some people find it easier to stay friends, become mutual lovers and eliminate the emotional part of their relationship altogether. This works out well for friends who have known each other for a while. They know each other moods and they know each other like and dislikes. This is one advantage to getting a friend with benefits. Even friends find themselves attracted to each other especially when pheromones are in the air. The male and female body chemistry can go wild and totally out of control sometimes. This can happen when this perfume is applied in the right places. Hormones and testosterones start raging and sexual tendencies get high.

There are incentives to having and getting a friend with benefits. These incentives could end a great friendship; however, that is a risk one takes for the sake of starting or pursuing a ‘no strings attached’ relationship. What this kind of relationship offers is attractive to many single and unattached men and women. Pheromones play a large role in attracting that special person. Even in ‘no strings attached’ relationships individuals still have a preference of whom they want to sleep with; although, the relationship is not one where a commitment or a declaration of undying love is expressed. It is an attraction mostly sexual that draws couples together. Pheromones can help draw the right people together in cases such as this. Each party expects nothing from the other person except casual sex; pay half of the bills, and going out on casual dates. Some relationships may eliminate the dating part; it depends on what ground rules are already in play. To help the relationship run smoothly it might be better if neither person is dating someone else. This will eliminate confusions and misunderstandings later in the relationship.

Millions of people only dream about this kind of dating. They desire to have all the pleasures of sexual fulfillment, dating, and companionship, but none of the emotional baggage that comes along with it. For instance, a friend with benefits relationship is a simple one that requires the mutual consent of both parties involved. Feel out the potential friend to start this type of relationship with or find someone with like or similar view concerning casual dating. Throw the ideal out there and see where it lands. If a response is thrown back, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. If things are not going as planned put on some pheromones cologne or perfume and hit call up an old acquaintance. Call up an old high school or college friend; meet for a drink or for a cup of coffee. After all, the pheromones perfume or cologne has to be tested to see if it will attract the right person. The right friend will have all the same desires and will express the same thoughts and views concerning casual dating and sex. This type of relationship can go on for years with no regrets and no expectations.

As with any relationship one should always err on the side of caution. To avoid losing a great friend, end the relationship before emotions begin to flare. Expect the unexpected but be prepared to take action if necessary. Having a friend with benefits relationship is great for anyone who does not want to commit to a serious relationship. There are no gifts to buy and no anniversaries to remember. Best of all the relationship can end at any time without any guilt or regrets.