How To Be Attractive To Men

Published January 28th, 2014 | By Dan Carson

Many women are looking for different ways to attract men, whether it’s the guy she is crushing on or the man she is currently seeing. Some woman want to attract men with beauty, while others want to use brains. The key is to use both beauty and brains! Here are a few tips on how to be attractive to men.

When it comes to beauty, be sure to dress your best! Check out the latest trends and fashions, and dress in a tasteful manner! This will let a guy know that you not only look presentable, but you have respect for yourself as well.

Remember with makeup, less is more. You do not need to plaster your face and look like a clown. Wear makeup that goes well with your skin tone and color. Show men your natural beauty rather than a face full of colors.

It is no secret that pheromones can result in sexual attractiveness. However, it is also no secret that pheromones are odorless in human beings. Wearing a pheromone perfume will give off those pheromones. The next time you are out perfume shopping, read the label and ingredients to see if if it contains pheromone.

Men want a woman who can take care of herself, and this includes beauty wise. This is why skin care and personal hygiene are a must. Shower daily and only use lotions and creams that are good for the skin. If you experience dry skin, take care of it with Aloe Vera or a visit with the dermatologist. If you have a problem with acne, this is also another reason to visit the dermatologist. He or she will help you treat and eliminate it.

There is more to attracting a man than just beauty tips and giving off pheromones. While these factors are important, a good personality is just as attractive to men.

One thing you should remember is to have self-confidence. Many people say you have to love yourself before someone else will love you, and this is true. Do not constantly tell a man how ugly you think you are, how your weight is not where you want it to be, how you feel like the world is against you and so on. Venting is okay when the time is right, but too much negativity can push him away.

Have a sense of humor. Men love to make women laugh, even if it means telling silly jokes and occasionally acting like a goofball. Show him you have a sense of humor and laugh at his jokes.

Don’t just rely on pheromones to attract a man. Show him you’re intelligent as well. Some guys may go for the “cute and dumb” look, but there are still many men out there who want a girl with a little intelligence. Use common sense and do not pretend to be stupid in a situation. Be creative and responsive. Show off your wit and how sharp you are. Keep him on the edge of his seat. When you do show off your intelligence, remember to let him show off his as well!

Do not be clingy, but do not push him away either. Once you find the guy you want to be with, you are going to have to find a good balance between the two. You do not have to call him ten times within an two hours. If he is a little late at calling back or showing up at your door, do not yell at him. Remember that he is not your property, and that he does have family and friends in his life as well. Becoming too clingy and possessive will cause him to feel smothered. Those who are not clingy, do not intentionally push him away either. If you are feeling down and he wants to help, do not constantly tell him “nothing” when he asks what is wrong or “leave me alone”. Do not constantly yell at him or start fights over issues that are not worth it, such as him calling you a few times a week. Yes you both have your own lives, but make time for him too. It may seem complicated, but finding a balance so you are not clingy or pushing him away is important. If you smother him or make him feel like he is not wanted, he may just leave.

When demonstrating these tips on how to be attractive to men, keep in mind that beauty and brains are a powerful combination. Remember to dress your best, less makeup is more and give off those pheromones. Show a man you have a great personality, and you respect each other! If you keep these tips in mind and put them into full effect, you will both be very happy!