12 Ways to Attract Women

Published June 17th, 2014 | By Dan Carson

Picking up a beautiful lady is not always as simple as walking into a bar and asking if you can buy her a drink. Women do not always want to be confronted with such a forward request. Remember: attractive women are everywhere! Follow these tips to score anyone you lay your eyes on, anywhere, anytime.

  1. Walk toward her confidently. Walk with purpose, don’t wander, but take it slow. Rushing towards someone can seem threatening or rushed.

  2. Don’t stick to pick-up lines. Steer clear of complimenting how her calves look, or how she has been twirling her ice around for the last half-hour. You want to avoid seeming like a stalker. Smile, say hello, and ask how she is doing.

  3. It is terrible to let yourself fear rejection. Think, “what is the worst that could happen?” She could disregard you and you’ll be where you were before you worked up the courage to talk to her.

  4. If you desire, bring a friend along. Showing up to the party scene looks more natural with more people, rather than showing up alone. Have him be open and fun, but make sure he knows that you are trying to score the girl. This may take away from your self-consciousness, but approach her gently. Women don’t always want to be crowded by numerous men.

  5. Present yourself in a good manner. Always make sure to dress nicely, shave, and keep up with good hygiene. This doesn’t mean going to the grocery store in a shirt and tie. You can look good in basketball shorts, sneakers, and a nice active jacket, so long as you smell fresh and look tidy. Keep your pants belted around your waist, and cuff the sleeves of your shirt to keep them from overhanging your wrists.

  6. Lock eyes. This shows great confidence when speaking to a woman. You can’t compliment her on her smile while staring down at the floor.

  7. Try using ego-checking compliments on her instead of continuous positives. Being overly complimentative is never a good thing. When you initially approach her, give her a nice compliment about her smile or dimples, and then later on try something like, “oh, I see you’re a part of the (celebrity name) hair club”. End by telling her that the style suits her better than most people. This keeps the comment stream to a minimum while still giving it a positive ending.

  8. You have to take a hint! This is not saying give up too soon, because many women will be a bit standoffish if they aren’t sure if they are into you or not. However, if she is turning away from you, laughing a little too much, or giving you short answers, gracefully accept the declination. You should know within the first 15 minutes.

  9. Be upfront from the start. Tell her if you are looking for casual sex, taking her out to dinner, or if you are just searching for a friend. This eliminates the possibility of confusion in the long run.

  10. Depending on how comfortable she seems, ask for her number, or go ahead and tell her you are ready to go elsewhere. Maybe for a drink alone with her, or back to your apartment. If the situation is coming to an end but you were able to really hook her in, ask for her email. This is a non-aggressive way to keep in contact. It will make her feel like she has time to respond rather than playing phone tag.

  11. Whatever you do- don’t ask for permission to kiss her! You are turning an emotional experience into something cognitive.

  12. Don’t hover. Women can tell when you are lurking and trying to work up the courage to talk to them. This is nothing but a creepy turn off.