Secrets To Attracting The Opposite Sex

Important Attraction and “Game” Field Tips for Picking up Girls

We all want to be successful at making our “target” guy or gal fall for us as soon as possible. Unfortunately, these thoughts are nothing more than fantasy for most people. It turns out that there are a few tips you can use to jump-start your game again.

Before I get into explanations, I just want to run down the four key elements to attracting the opposite sex. None of these are guarantees, but pay attention to these four factors and you will be doing a heck of a lot better than if you didn’t:

  • Be noticeable — Stick out!
  • Be physically engaging — that’s body language!
  • Don’t send mixed messages — be consistent!
  • Manage your scent — your scent and pheromones relate strongly to physical chemistry!

Now that you know what to pay attention to, here are the facts:

1. Stick Out

You’re ability to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd is important. Even some of the most redicious “get-ups” turn eyes and create the attention needed for people to notice and consider you. If everyone is wearing the same outfit try to mix it up as long as its appropriate. One way you could stick out is to wear a really nice hat or perhaps “blingy” jewelry or unique boots. It’ll take some time for you to develop your fashion sense to stick out. Your fragrance can also make you stand out clearly.

Another part of sticking out is your positioning. If your at a bar or night club you’ll want to avoid the corners of the room and gravitate always towards the action (usually the center of the room). What you do when your positioned is important as well. Don’t fiddle. Stay cool.

This is known as “peacocking” because it’s reminiscent of the way male peacocks emphasize their colorful feathers. Many creatures in nature, especially males, attempt to display their value to other mates by getting attention visually. Learn to incorporate subtle peacocking tactics into your field game. I’m not suggesting that you walk around wearing ski goggles and a furry hat — unfortunately, some take peacocking to its logical extreme — but what you can do is wear your best clothes and add flair and color to make yourself more noticeable to the opposite sex.

2. Body Language

Women are often conscious of their body language when trying to “lure a man into conversation”. The way you use your body is an important indicator to a guy that you have room for him in your life. Do this by providing a space around you that is inviting and makes you approachable. If a guy deems it too difficult he may just dismiss you as “fully loaded”. Women should also try to play into the guys character. Usually this means being slightly more submissive and passive. Don’t play this to the extreme because you can be too passive!

Men should be well aware that dominant body language leads to attraction of women. Men should try to carry their shoulders high and never slouch. Broad shoulders are a subconscious indicator of power and alpha dominance — what every woman is looking for, whether or not they admit it. Submissive or “nice guys” must step up their game on this one. The best way to do this is to eliminate any sort of anxiety or body language response. A major turn off for women is a guy who does not have confidence in himself. Talk in a deep voice. Change the speed of your speech to be slower in order to seem cool, collected, and wise. Change the speed of your movement to faster pace to convey a sense of athleticism and command. Women aren’t looking for a biker, but a man who is confident in everything he does and is in total control of his domain.

3. Consistency

We’ve gone over some basic tips for body language and sticking out. However, its important to understand that consistency counts for a lot. If your going to be the dominant male, you better be good at that role already. People will see right through you. If you come off as extremely serious but try to be funny this could  be another problem of inconsistency. Try hard  not to send out mixed signals. While your joke may have been in jest in your mind, the person you’re talking to might interpret it  as insulting and weird because of your half-assed smirk.

4. Union Of Scent And Body Chemistry

We’ve already established how its important to display correct body language and to stick out. One of the ways we can do this is find a distinctive pheromone infused cologne or perfume that perfectly matches our body chemistry and “theme” together.

Fragrances act differently to each person based on the consistency of their skin. The only real way to find which fragrance best matches you you’ll most likely want to experiment with several different blends.

The marriage between pheromones and scents is an important one. Pheromones can give you a subconscious reaction to your target. Pheromones linked with the correct smell can signal a confirmation of the subconscious reaction. Be sure to read our page on themes in order to get examples of which themes match with which pheromone blends.