Androstenone Pheromone

(5α-Androst-16-en-3-one) Compound: C19H28O

This pheromone is common in both humans and pigs. In humans, it’s commonly found in sweat and urine. In extreme concentrates, it can have a pleasant floral smell or unpleasant sweaty smell. It’s important to note that these are “physical” smells and not the chemical interaction that happens in the VNO receptor. Usually perfumers will mask any scent of Androstenone and only use it for its subconcsious effect for attraction.

Problems With Too Much Androstenone

One of the biggest mistakes that pheromone users make, not just with androstenone, but with any pheromone additive, is to apply too much. There are a number of negative factors that can come from overuse of a pheromone, not the least of which relating to the reaction that you’ll get from the opposite sex. The first, and most detrimental side effect, to consider is mood-based. Not only will people around you react to the fact that you are wearing too much of a synthetic pheromone, but you will feel the negative effects yourself. You may become agitated, overly aggressive, or lethargic. Make sure that you are applying the pheromone additive in the right amount. It may take a few days of experimenting to determine the right amount of a particular pheromone to use, since everyone’s natural pheromone production is different.

  • Lightheaded / Headaches
  • Bad Smell For Some Individuals
  • Creates Aggression From Other Dominant Males
  • Can Make User Aggressive
  • Females tend to give in to androstenone dominance. If they’re over intimidated by you they won’t trust you.

Theme Projections And Effects Of Androstenone

Androstenone is usually known as a male pheromone. This portrays an aura of alpha male dominance. This creates intimidation, aggression in both users and other males, and makes you the center of attention. Alpha males are often by association the “good mate choice” and chicks are more willing to give him sex. Submissive individuals will give into this dominance and will be more respectful of the wearer.