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PheromonesGuru.com was established to be a hub where one can find information on virtually all of the pheromone products on the market. We seek to stay up-to-date on pheromone scientific studies and present them. Furthermore, PheromonesGuru.com teaches its users about the different fragrance groups and how to go about finding the right scent for you. Indeed we even have relationship advice with our attraction tips and themes article sections. Pheromone enthusuiasts can be kept up to date with our email newsletter.


Pheromones Guru generates revenue from placement ads and associate programs from some of the links on its site. This generates opportunity for our website to get the word out, offer unique fresh content, and colorful new art. Along with allowing the site administrators to provide a better user experience with new user-interactive features.


Please feel free to contact us by email at dan@pheromonesguru.com please give us suggestions on features for the website or anything else. We will read each of your emails!

PheromonesGuru was established by Dan Carson, a once socially repressed male, whose dating life was suboptimal. Dan began experimenting with the different pheromone colognes and sprays in an attempt to enhance his social life. After much experimentation he began to notice, with research help from others that certain types of pheromones directly influenced the way people treated and interacted with him.Pheromone Guru was started by Dan as an independent site and has grown into an online network of avid pheromone users both male and female.