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Science has discovered the key to attraction
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Pheromones work miracles
I have had 19 girlfriends in the last 18 months I am not a good-looking guy. My name is Dan Carson. This site is a passion product of mine. My partner, Becca Rommer and I created PheromonesGuru in 2009 with one goal, to show the world: Attraction is a Science. It can be measured, manipulated, and harnessed. It can also fail you – something we have all been through.

Your genes survived through millions of years of evolution because within YOU is the ability to attract and seduce members of the opposite sex.

Here I will teach you about power of synthetic human pheromones and how you can use them to attract the opposite sex. You can use that power to find a girl/boyfriend, to escape the friend-zone, or to simply get laid with a one-night-stand.
While complex, pheromones can make an almost magical difference in your everyday life. A proper understanding of human attraction and the role of pheromones is key to successful application.
Not all pheromone ingredients or products are created equal; some products have been observed to be extremely effective, while it is clear that others have basically no definable benefit. Some pheromone products will work for you, but not your friends. Some will be most effective on certain personality types of the opposite sex.
How We Can Help:
Anyone can benefit from pheromones: friendships grow more quickly, business relationships flourish, and sparks can fly on where they might not otherwise have existed.
Our guide to selecting and using the correct pheromone product is the gold standard for pheromones information websites. If you are looking for a place to start, you found it. Click the big red button.
The guide to choosing and using the correct pheromone product is the gold standard for pheromones information websites. We have spent thousands of hours conducting tests, including real-world field tests, on the top pheromone products today, in order to bring our readers the best possible information about pheromones and how they can use pheromones to enhance their lives.
We also provide a personalized attraction advice quiz to make sure that you find the right solution to fit your personal needs. We know that not everyone's pheromones needs are the same. We want to make sure that we are serving all our readers with the information that's right from them. Take our attraction advice quiz and find out how pheromones can help you to attract members of the opposite sex.
Explore our site and learn the truth about pheromones. Once you hear how they work, I guarantee that you'll want to start using pheromones in your everyday life. I'm sure you'll agree that there is a lot to be said for getting an extra advantage from pheromones. Use pheromones to meet new people and expand your social circle, use them to create a special sense of romantic attraction and longing with the opposite sex, or just use them to lighten the mood and to gain acceptance from those around you professionally.
If you feel like your social life is lacking, then maybe the biggest problem is the fact that you shower every day. I know that sounds shocking, and I'm certainly not suggesting that you let yourself go a few weeks without a bath, but consider the following: every time you shower, you are washing your natural pheromones down the drain. Now, in polite society, showers are mandatory -- but  why should good hygiene mean you lose your ability to attract others? Don't think of pheromones as a love potion, think of them as a way to restore what's rightfully yours. In the animal kingdom, ancient man used his natural scent to attract a mate. Today, we have synthetic pheromone products that are specifically designed to attract others. Learn more about them and level up your game.
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